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Red Bull snatched away the hegemony of the Silver Arrows. Mercedes’ domination was prevalent from 2014 to 2020. But in 2021, the Dutch driver of Red Bull, Max Verstappen, brought glory days back to the team camp. The current double-time champion team is also looking forward to dominating the Formula One Grid in 2023. The fans of the Red Bull Racing team are excited about the upcoming season and have complete faith in him. It is a well-known fact that Max Verstappen is the most vital driver in the Milton Keynes-based team. But the team and the fans also believe in the 33-year-old Mexican driver Sergio Perez.

Perez joined the family of Red Bull Racing in 2021 by replacing Alex Albon. In Red Bull’s championship-winning comeback season, Perez partnered with Max Verstappen. For two years in a row, this partnership has worked wonders for Red Bull Racing. However, it is pretty evident that Verstappen is by far the stronger driver between the two. Let alone in the Milton-Keynes-based team, as the last season finished, it looked like the Dutchman is the strongest among all the drivers of all the teams in the Formula One circuit at present.


What Does Christian Horner Think Of Sergio Perez?

Red Bull
Red Bull

Nonetheless, the Mexican driver finished third in the last season. Perez scored 305 points, only three points less than the runner-up Charles Leclerc of Ferrari. According to the team principal Christian Horner, the 33-year-old has got skills is evident but the driver will need to try to beat his partner to win a title. Otherwise, what is the point of competing? But Horner is also sure of the fact that Perez very well knows how to be a team player and what the Red Bull Racing team expects from him. The Milton Keynes-based team boss credits Sergio Perez for his contribution to the team’s victory at the constructor’s championship and for winning two Grands Prix. The British boss says, “Checo has been evolving pretty well ever since he joined Red Bull Racing in 2021.”

The Dynamic Between The Two Red Bull Drivers

Max Verstappen & Checo Red Bull
Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez

According to Christian Horner, “it can be intimidating as hell for any driver to compete against Max Verstappen in the same team, but Sergio Perez handled it like a champ.” Max Verstappen is hungry to win more and more titles. He is not satisfied with winning just two back-to-back championship titles. The Dutchman has said several times, “All I need is a good fast car, then leave the rest to me.” So everybody knows what a fierce competitor he is. Every F1 team is aware of the fact that Max Verstappen is the one to beat. Considering the impact of the current champion outside, it is not very difficult to imagine what is happening inside the Red Bull camp. Horner feels the 33-year-old Mexican will go for the win despite knowing how good Max is.     

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