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New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, is seeking the help of a National League MVP player to adopt a change in approach.

Bronx Bombers re-signed their record holder slugger, Aaron Judge, in a long-term contract. The Yankees locked in Judge for nine years by offering a whooping payroll of $360 million. The slugger fetched this mega deal owing to a majestic last season. On top of that, the Yanks decided to hand over the leadership reigns to the slugger by naming him the 16th captain of the franchise.


However, despite an extraordinary run, Aaron Judge, the pioneer outfielder for the New York Yankees, is looking to improve his hitting this season, and he’s hoping a new approach will help him do just that. In order to improve his game and take it to the next level, Judge has turned to an unlikely source of inspiration, a National League MVP player.

Aaron Judge Seeks Help Of A Former NL MVP Player For A Shift In Approach


New York Yankees’ newly appointed captain, Aaron Judge, is all set to lead the Yanks for the first time this season. Despite a terrific run with the bat last season, the team lost the ALCS to Astros. The majority of it was due to a lack of team effort in the postseason. However, this season, the slugger is all set to adopt a change in approach to reduce his strikeout rate. And for that, he will seek the help of a National League MVP player, Paul Goldschmidt.

As per Aaron Judge, he wants to test out a two-strike approach to reduce his strikeout rate. As a result, the slugger met Paul Goldschmidt in Florida to seek inspiration. Paul is one of many with a two-strike mindset. Judge said he’s watched Paul play up close and personal and even watched a lot of his videos. Judge wants to learn Paul’s stride placement, wherein he waits at his mark. The slugger also explained that he would adjust his approach according to the situation of the game.

Yankees Captain To Match 62 Home Run Record Again This Year?

Aaron Judge Al Mvp 2022

Meanwhile, whatever approach Aaron Judge chooses to adopt this season, the fans will hope for raining runs from his bat. While Judge hit a home run record last season, the fans are curious to know if he could repeat the record feat this year as well. Well, the man himself turned up to answer the question and said anything could happen on a given day, and hence he won’t rule out another 62-home run season.

Hitting 62 home runs is not a joke, but Aaron is backing himself right now. Moreover, even if Judge registers even half a good a season as last year, that would prove enough for the Yankees to win the long-awaited championship title. On the other hand, the New York Yankees bullpen is grinding hard in spring training which is currently underway in Tampa, Florida. The 2023 MLB season opening day will commence at the end of March.