Nascar Cup Series: Frustrated Kyle Busch Walks Away After Leaving His Damaged Car In The Pit Lane In Darlington!

Kyle Busch

Toyota\’s Kyle Busch had a strong start to Sunday\’s Goodyear 400 Cup Series race. The American racing driver led the race at the Darlington Raceway for 18 laps and stayed in the top five for most of the race. However, Busch\’s car became a casualty of an incident during the 167th, resulting in the Toyota driver failing to finish the race. Ford\’s Brad Keselowski blew his front right tire, lost control of his car, and hit the wall. Busch was coming hot closely behind Brad and got succumbed to Keselowski\’s wreck, knocking off his car\’s left front toe link.

Busch had no fault in the incident, and the damage helplessly left Busch in no condition to finish. The Toyota racing driver drove his irreparable car towards the pits. However, instead of driving his car inside, Busch left the car on the pit road and stormed off the track. Hence, NASCAR was forced to close the pit road until his car could be moved, preventing other drivers from pitting. 

Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch Responds To Criticism After His Decision To Leave The Car

Some NASCAR experts, including Fox\’s Clint Bowyer, were not too happy about Busch\’s choice to leave the car on the pit road. Bowyer told that he did not like Kyle\’s decision, no matter how frustrated he was. Both Busch and Keselowski got knocked out after the incident, with the former ranked 33rd after failing to finish. 

Later on, Busch pointed out that he did not think it mattered. The Toyota driver told that he did not think his car would turn. Further, the American racer revealed that Keselowski\’s car\’s front tire blew coming off from turn two. Kyle was already on the high side of Harrison, and he was left with nowhere to go. He tried to slow down and miss the car, but he failed. Further, Busch pointed out that his car\’s left front tow link got knocked off. The part was fragile, and it ended Kyle\’s run as the team would not have been able to fix the issue in the pit on time.


Moreover, Busch acknowledged that it was a disappointing outcome for him and his team after what started as a promising day for Toyota. Kyle said that his car had speed and his team ran in the top five all day. He was extremely frustrated with not being able to finish the race. The Toyota driver added, \”We were trying to figure out short runs vs. long run speed and where we needed to be and just cut short.\”

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