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MLB Pundits Rips Apart New York Yankees For Mishandling Luis Severino’s Struggle As A Starter

Right-handed pitcher Luis Severino was once a dominant force on the mound when he joined the New York Yankees in 2015. However, the impressive talent and effectiveness faded with time. Instead of getting better, Severino kept plunging down over the years. Moreover, this season, things dropped down to a record low.

This year, in 13 starts, Luis Severino recorded an 8.06 ERA which ranked the lowest among throwers who have pitched at least 20 innings. Moreover, in the past four starts, his ERA went past 10. To tackle the pitcher’s struggles as a starter, the Yankees’ management devised a new plan which ended up getting backfired on them. Naturally, the club’s move garnered a lot of criticism from multiple MLB analysts.


Podcaster Makes Mockery Of Yankees’ “Smart” Plan To Fix Slumping Luis Severino

Luis Severino
Luis Severino is a walk-year player who could get traded ahead of the deadline. Jason Szenes for the NY Post

Luis Severino was on the verge of losing his rotation spot before the New York Yankees lost the services of Domingo German and Carlos Rodon. While German landed on the restricted list, Rodon strained his hamstring. Hence, the slumping Severino earned a second life. Further, to end the pitcher’s first-inning struggles, manager Aaron Boone devised a new plan. He chose to open with Ian Hamilton. However, after a mere one inning, Hamilton was replaced by Luis Severino. But the plan backfired badly as the pitcher leaked five runs in just two innings. Naturally, Boone’s master plan received a lot of flak. Particularly, a popular Yankee podcaster named Jomboy ripped apart the organization while criticizing the move.

Jomboy called Yankees losers and said that the act of trying to fix Luis Severino was a mere gimmick to please the fans. It would never have worked as Severino’s struggles are not just limited to the first inning. He has been bad overall. The pitcher has been attacked by hitters from all positions. Further, Jomboy urged the Yankees to take some concrete steps, which included either benching or fixing him. That’s the only solution. This one-time gimmicky move is just going to backfire on the team. Well, Jomboy’s words may seem harsh, but his analysis isn’t. Luis Severino could not be fixed this season. That is the harsh truth the Yanks have to face. His confidence is dipping, along with his pitch accuracy. It’s time for the club the pull the plug on him.

WFAN Host Calls Out Yanks For Ignoring Severino’s Mental Well-being

Luis Severino
Luis Severino gave up four more runs in Wednesday’s loss to the White Sox, raising his ERA on the season to 8.06AP

Luis Severino is self-aware of his struggles. After a couple of horrific outings, the pitcher said that he is feeling like the worst pitcher in baseball and is undoubtedly experiencing the worst seasons of his career. These statements clearly voiced Luis’ mental state. Meanwhile, WFAN host Tiki Barber sympathized with Severino and called out the Yankees for mismanaging his mental health.

Barber said that Luis Severino is mentally shot and is saying things that an elite baseball player shouldn’t. Further, he attacked Yankees manager Aaron Boone for ignoring the pitcher’s mental well-being and mindlessly running him out on the mound. He isn’t going to get better like this. For what it’s worth, Severino’s next start isn’t guaranteed for now as the club explores all options.