Luis Severino

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Luis Severino Hits New Low As New York Yankees Desperate Experiment Goes To Dust

29-year-old starting pitcher Luis Severino joined the New York Yankees back in 2015. He is currently in his eighth season with the Bombers and will soon become the longest-tenured payer in the history of the franchise. While Severino arrived as a promising talent, he failed to live up to the hype over the years. Moreover, this season, the pitcher has hit absolute rock bottom.

Since July, Luis Severino has witnessed an absolutely horrific time on the mound. His ERA has reached over 8 and went over 10 in the last few starts. While his scheduled start on Wednesday went ahead as planned despite uncertainties, Severino failed to make the most of it. His repeated failure has put the Yankees in a deep mess.


Luis Severino Hits Rock Bottom With Latest Blowout Outing Vs. White Sox

Luis Severino
Luis Severino is a walk-year player who could get traded ahead of the deadline. Jason Szenes for the NY Post

After much contemplation, the New York Yankees came to a conclusion and went ahead with Luis Severino’s scheduled start vs. Chicago White Sox on Wednesday. However, Aaron Boone decided to tweak his start. In a desperate bid to extract performance from Severino, Boone tried an experiment. He used receiver Ian Hamilton as an opener to take some pressure off Severino. Hamilton nailed his part of the experiment as he went scoreless with 10 pitches in the first inning. Then entered Luis Severino. He completely destroyed Hamilton’s start, and the Yankees’ experiment by giving away five runs in mere two innings pitched. The problem was the same; lack of execution. His pitches were again directionless, and he was all over the place on the mound.

After Wednesday’s outing, Luis Severino’s ERA has soared to 8.06, which is the worst among pitchers who have recorded over 60 innings pitched this season. Naturally, the pitcher was extremely disappointed. After the game, he was quoted saying, “I’m just having the worst year of my life in baseball.” Severino added that while he would have liked to start, he knows his problem with execution in the first inning. Hence, the Yankee’s plan was top-notch, but he failed to live up to it. The pitcher believes that the Yanks are trying their best to get him up and running on the mound, and even he is trying his best on the part. However, this season, something is a miss, and it’s just not coming together. Having said that, Luis promised not to give up. He will continue to strive and work hard to get back to form.

Yankees Still Exploring Options To Handle Luis Severino’s Situation

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone backed pitcher Luis Severino following a blowout outing against White Sox. He said that the pitcher once again failed to execute his plans. It’s tough, and Severino is feeling the heat undoubtedly. Further addressing the future of the pitcher in the rotation, Boone said that they have to explore all options while working with Severino at the same time.

Aaron Boone still sees glimpses of hope in Luis Severino. The club will continue to devise new plans and help the pitcher as much as they can. It would be interesting to see if Severino earns another start. The Yankees are undoubtedly low on starters, with Domingo German and Carlos Rodon out of the rotation. Hence, Severino might just get an extra lifeline in the coming week.