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The New York Yankees, historically a dominant force in baseball, are facing a challenging season marked by inconsistencies and unexpected losses. Since May, things have gone downhill. It reached a point where the Yanks just couldn’t cope with it. The situation has worsened to the extent that the reigning East champions are struggling to stay on top against the club’s worst-performing teams.

Recently, the Yankees faced Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field. The series started on a losing note for the visitors, but they found their grip in the second game. It all came down to the series finale on Wednesday, where the pitchers doomed the Yanks and robbed them of a chance of claiming a series victory. With the series, the club’s playoff odds also took a massive hit.


Yankees Playoff Odds Drops To A New Low With Loss Vs. White Sox

Luis Severino
Luis Severino gave up four more runs in Wednesday’s loss to the White Sox, raising his ERA on the season to 8.06AP

Despite continuous struggles, the New York Yankees instilled faith in Luis Severino and gave him a chance to go out on the mound. While he didn’t necessarily make a start. Reliever Ian Hamilton came out to open for Severino to end his first-inning struggles. However, the plan didn’t work as Severino blew up against White Sox and cost the Yanks a chance at winning a series. With this, the club’s playoff odds took a massive hit. As per FanGraphs’ prediction, the Bronx Bombers have an 8.4 percent chance of making the playoffs and barely a single percent chance of winning the world series.

The drop in the Yankees’ playoff odds is a reflection of their struggles throughout the season. While they boast a roster filled with star power and talent, translating that potential into consistent wins has proven to be a formidable challenge. Injuries, underperforming players, and a competitive landscape within their division have all contributed to the team’s uphill battle. Despite the challenges, the Yankees still have time to turn their season around. They have over 40 games on the schedule, including a couple of series with lowly teams. If they come together as a group, the Bombers can surely make it to the playoff wildcard spot. It all comes down to the next stretch of away games.

Aaron Judge Weighs Thoughts On Yanks Playoff Dream

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (99) reacts after he strikes out in a Yankees-Rays game on July 31, 2023. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Meanwhile, New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge has not given up on the ultimate playoff dream. Speaking of the postseason odds, Judge said that he won’t write the team off just yet. The core unit has witnessed a lot of ups and downs. Still, he has confidence in his teammates. Judge believes the guys are getting quality at-bats and reaching bases while getting enough walks. Now, they just have to record those long hits and clear the field.

Aaron Judge added that he does not have a tendency to look at the standings. He will only open up the ranking before the postseason starts. Having said that, while the Yankees’ playoff odds are low, they still can make it to at least the wildcard spot. The new couple of away series will reveal the true picture. Next up on the Yanks’ schedule are Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves.