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LeBron James is vacationing in Cancun after a terrible season for the LA Lakers. However, the discussion about the impact of a star like the King on franchises and the NBA still continues. Micheal Jordan\’s manager David Falk recently shared his opinion on Cowherd\’s show about the Lakers\’ dysfunctional roster and their frustrated front office. Falk thinks that LeBron James\’ over involvement in the team\’s decision-making has affected the Lakers\’ performance his season.

David gave his perspective on why the concept of an \”agent running a team\” does not often work in real life, as good as it looks on paper. Rob Pelinka was an agent, and he was given the reigns of a big franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers. Some NBA experts think handing over the decision-making to an agent who is naturally attracted to star players was not a great idea and led to their current situation. Pelinka\’s move to bring in Russell Westbrook failed miserably, and now the Lakers have a $47 million depressing asset in Beastbrook

LeBron James

Falk Thinks LeBron James Is Running The Team And Needs To Step Back

David Falk has been Micheal Jordan\’s agent for thirty years. Falk is also Rob Pelinka\’s long-time friend and has worked with him. David pointed out that agents may not be qualified to run the team. But if agents are bright and understand the collective bargain agreement, Falk thinks they can do a fairly good job. 

MJ\’s agent continued that the situation of the Lakers is pretty serious. He feels that everyone in NBA thinks LeBron is running the team. David explained that King James is overseeing player acquisitions and trades. He is even involved in the negotiations for some of the players. Micheal Jordan\’s manager believes that LeBron James is involved in a lot of decision-making, which could be the reason behind the Lakers\’ disappointing run this season. 

Moreover, Falk thinks that LeBron James is not helping himself truthfully. The King is at the tale of his career. And he might be ambitious to win more rings to keep the GOAT conversation on. Thus, David suggested that LeBron should work with a professional GM to help him achieve his goals. Unfortunately, the blame game just keeps going on. It is a time for the franchise to stick together and fix the team for the future. The regrettable season is behind them. And the Lakers have a lot to do this offseason to rebuild the team. Moreover, LA is currently looking for their new head coach after Frank Vogel was sacked by the Lakers front office moments after the season\’s last game.

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