Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan is undoubtedly the GOAT of the NBA history. He has a ton of league records under his belt. Some of those records are so rare that they have not been broken even after 19 years since the Chicago legend\’s retirement. However, one of those records is threatened by a young draft prospect from Canada. 

MJ holds a record for the highest vertical jump of 48 inches with a hangtime of 0.92 seconds in the league\’s history. As of now, he still holds the record, along with running a 4.4 forty. He is one of the best athletes to have played the sports even after many years of his retirement. Micheal Jordan is known for his unstoppable scoring, but he is also magical in pulling off high-flying dunks. Jump is an important aspect of basketball. And Jordan was a great dunker capable of taking long leaps from the ground and smashing the ball into the opponent\’s hoop with immense power. The famous \”Jumpman\” brand name was also inspired by MJ\’s ability to fly so high that nobody could catch the GOAT.

Jordan Micheal

NBA Draft Prospect Capable Of Breaking Micheal Jordan\’s Vertical Jump Record

Watching players jump over 45 feet is a rare sight in NBA. Moreover, the record for highest vertical among the current players in the NBA belongs to Zach Levine. The 27-year-old Bulls player can jump up to 46-inches. NBA enthusiasts across the world got shocked when a video involving an 18-year-old NBA Draft prospect, Shaedon Sharpe, went viral on Twitter recently. In the particular video, Sharpe is seen making a vertical of 49 inches which is possibly the highest ever. 

The video went viral immediately, and the fans shared some amazing reactions. One of the fans was shocked by the tweet. The fan felt that it is unbelievable how Micheal Jordan still has the record for the highest vertical. One of the most iconic dunks from His Airness was during the All-Star weekend Slam Dunk competition in 1988. In that, MJ got a perfect score of 50 from the judges.

Meanwhile, another fan commented that Sharpe\’s amazing vertical could make him a lottery pick without playing a single minute of college basketball. Thus, it will be interesting to see how the higher-ups at various franchises will react to the NBA draft prospect if he gets an opportunity this off-season.

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