Mercedes W14 Concept

If anyone has doubted Mercedes for their disastrous 2022 season, then they better not! Because Toto Wolff is not going to repeat the same mistakes again next year. Whatever happened in the 2022 F1, the dignity that Mercedes lost, the pace they could not find, and the streaks they broke, everything will be regained in 2023 with a brand new W14, which is “full of surprises“. Mercedes principal Wolff has revealed the design of Mercedes next year’s car that will make the team bounce back. Keep reading to know what will be the design of the W14.

Mainly, the problem that made the W13 weak was the adjustment to the new rules. Even before the season started, Mercedes Wolff was aware of the fact that this year W13 is not matching their standard. As a result, they had to face serious consequences. Throughout the entire season, the car remained draggy, and the drivers lost pace. This was the first season when Mercedes had to face porpoising issues, which put Lewis hamilton in danger in Azerbaijan. Since 2013, Mercedes has maintained a winning streak in the constructor’s championship. But this year, it was broken along with Lewis Hamilton’s personal streaks.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

However, the team has learned the lessons well. Boss Toto Wolff had said that this year when Mercedes learned these lessons, would be the time when others would regret it next year. And, as the winter break is in hands, the Mercedes factory is awake all day and night. The W14 is being built like never before. This time the engineers are more careful. When Wolff entered the factory and saw the first look of next year’s car, even he was surprised.

Despite The Same Looks, Mercedes W14 Will Be Entirely Different, Claims Wolff

Speaking to the Media, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff revealed the designs and concept of W14. He said, “It is full of surprises.” He explained the progress that the team had gone through during the winter break. When he saw the car last time, it was almost the same as W13. But still, there were hopes that it would not be the same. Now the team is aware that they need to adjust to the new regulations of the ground floor effect and accept that the turbo hybrid era is over. Now, Wolff is trying to assure aesthetic quality in the car. Despite the same appearance, the DNA of the car will be changed.


Speaking more about the Mercedes factory, Toto Wolff said, “I am pretty much like you [as you think about the car] when I go the wind tunnel, I found that [W14] looks the same like this year [W13]. But they [the engineers] said to me that it is totally different underneath.”

About the design of next year’s Mercedes car, Wolff suggested that this time the concept will be based on the airflow, the weight distribution, and the aero map. Fans are worried that the W14 looks the same; what if it works the same? But Toto Wolff wants to assure them that Looks Does Not Matter. What matters is situated underneath. So not to worry, next year’s car will come with a completely different concept.

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