Lewis Hamilton Revealed THE REASON For His Success At Mercedes, Points Out Boss Toto Wolff\’s Involvement

Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff

Speak of Formula One, and you\’ll remember how great team Mercedes once was. These past two years have not been very much in favor of the team, but before, Mercedes had complete dominance in the sport for almost a decade. The Turbo Hybrid era of Formula One was apparently fated for the Silver Arrows, with eight consecutive constructors and seven-time-world champion Lewis Hamilton. The team always remains in discussions for what was the secret behind their grand success.

Going way back to this dreadful season of 2022, let\’s talk about the 2020 statement by Lewis Hamilton, where he revealed how the universe itself helped him secure the winnings along with his boss Toto Wolff. One can say that no other team has dominated and raced as Mercedes did in the earlier years. This year even after having the worst season of their entire career, team Mercedes is not panicked or frustrated. They are rather re-energized and even more motivated apparently because the team has Lewis Hamilton, the GOAT, and Toto Wolff, the brave.

Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff is in Mercedes since 2013. Reportedly, his contract with Mercedes was over in 2020. But then there came another deal for the team\’s principal to serve in Mercedes for more than another three years. Statistically, with Wolff\’s presence, Mercedes\’s winning rate got increased by 57%. When the turbo hybrid regulations were implemented in Formula One in 2014, Wolff mastered adjusting them. And since then, Mercedes alone has won 112 of 182 races. All the while, the boss just did not do his duty, he also developed chemistry with his champion driver, Lewis Hamilton, and they both together wrote a great history of Mercedes in the sport.

Lewis Hamilton And Toto Wolff, The Most Famous Duo Of F1

There happened an interview in 2020 with the duo and Martin Brundle under Sky sports. Hamilton explained a few astrological reasons behind Toto and his relationship and Mercede\’s winning altogether. The Briton pointed out that \”Toto\’s birthday comes just after his.\” (luckily, Hamilton\’s birthday is on January 7, and Toto Wolff\’s is just after five days, on January 12). Lewis Hamilton then reckoned, \”probably that is why we get like that makes it easier both being Capricorn, stubborn!\”. He even explained that both are massively driven, and so is the reason why the duo always works.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff

On the other hand, just after the Mexican Grand Prix of 2021, Toto Wolff came out to speak in Hamilton\’s favor. He believed that despite being the most Grand Prix winning driver of Formula One, the seven-time world champion faces some unexpected negativity. Speaking with the MailOnline, Wolff explained the reasons why Hamilton is being targeted into unnecessary criticism and suggested. He suggested that Lewis had a lot of success immediately after he debuted.

Lewis Hamilton belonged to a family who always had financial issues in their early life. Also, racism was a big factor. Ignoring the struggles, the kid was raised and was raised higher above all. So, it was just jealousy that put him under negativity, as believed by Toto Wolff.

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