Mercedes’ W14 Changed Front Wing Design Revealed Before The First Race Of The Season


Mercedes did not pretty much enjoy the Bahrain Pre-Season Testing. At first, they were demanding more time for a test run. And now, after the imperfections have been found just within the course of three days, Mercedes is all set to change itself in order to match the pace of Red Bull. The three days test of W14 was more of a reality check for Mercedes. They are now ready to accept some of the faults in the car and finally change it before the season begins. Some of the new design that the Silver Arrows will bring on Sunday is already out. So let’s find out the differences.

During the launch and during the Bahrain test, Mercedes cars were running on a large double spoon rear wing with hopes of getting a good correlation and data. But they remained slow and off pace with that. The German manufacturer remained the lowest in the top speed chart maintained by Auto motors and sports. The technical director Mike Elliot soon emerged to assure fans and announced a big change in the W14. This will increase the car’s performance in the season’s first Grand Prix.

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All Depends On A Redesigned Mercedes’ W14 Car

Elliott figured out the reason for Mercedes being low and claimed it to the wings they had been using. The rear wings need to be changed. And the preparations for such have been done day and night in the factory. They know that the double scoop design is proving a strange downforce in the car. Using a single scoop may decrease the downforce and will help the car to boost up the pace. So, no doubt in saying that Mercedes will change the rear wings idea into a single scoop.

Apparently, a redesigned car is on the way and will be on the way every time Mercedes finds the need to change something. Speaking of last year, both the Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were disappointed with how the car worked. Russell, who managed to beat the seven-time world champion during the first tenure year, wanted a “more consistent and predictable car.” If this year, the Silver Arrows pave the way to build a stronger W14. Stronger than RB19 and SF-23, same as Russell demands, he will definitely once dare to win more than once.

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Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, who has started to walk the last road of his F1 career, needs to set things up for his ultimate goal: eight F1 world titles. He believed that the W13 “was not a racing car,” with which he broke all his winning streaks and passed a season with even no poles. Now everything, all the hopes and expectations, is standing on the shoulder of the engineers. The Mercedes engineers are still working on changing the idea of the W14 in order to attain improvements. All await till the Bahrain Grand Prix arrives. Let’s see if Mercedes has something in luck this season or if history is getting repeated itself.