George Russell (Mercedes)
George Russell (Mercedes)

Despite all those issues Mercedes has experienced during the pre-season test at Bahrain, there is still hope for wins. One of the F1 experts can see the light for Mercedes in the Bahrain Grand Prix even after the concerns regarding the car being imbalanced and downforce has occurred during the test. In the international Circuit of Bahrain, a little bit of the future always gets predicted.

Looking at Red Bull’s RB19 dominating in all sessions, fans predicted the past to get repeated once again this year: all wins for Red Bull and no wins for Mercedes. But perhaps there are reasons why Mercedes can do better in the grand Prix at Sakhir than it did during the pre-season test. The Brackley-based team’s performance has been looked at closely during the test runnings.


And now F1 pundit tends to share his views about the team. Via Twitter, he said, “Ferrari and Mercedes will improve in #BahrainGP”. Not just making a foolish claim, the F1 analyst also shared proper reasons why they can become faster suddenly in the Bahrain GP. They explained that it is a medium downforce track. Red Bull used a medium-df wing in the test that suited the track. Ferrari was on lower df wings. They were given lower grip and bad tyre wear. However, Mercedes used a high-load wing. Terrible top speed.”

Mercedes Had A Different Program In Bahrain F1 Pre-season test.

He claimed that the testing programs of Ferrari and Mercedes were different from Red Bull. Perhaps all the different teams have a different set of strategies in order to check all their inventions before the season begins during the test. For the Scuderia team, the analysts stated that they were probably trying to make the car work with lower-df rear wings. It was their limit last year. They could not use their medium-df wings this time because of the DRS failure. And Mercedes, on the other hand, was assessing the porpoising issues.

In the post on Twitter, the F1 analysts shared the fact that when Mercedes and Ferrari will bolt on rear wings more appropriately on the track, they both will surely become more challenging to the RB19. Ferrari may hope to gain significant race pace due to lower tyre wear. And Mercedes should also hope to see profit in the single-lap performance. This comes with the ability to attack and defend more perfectly. They ended the thread with, “Can’t wait!”

George Russell Fears To Be Optimistic About The Weekend

Meanwhile, going on the contrary, none other than Mercedes driver George Russell is seeing no hopes for Bahrain Gand Prix. After the test ended, Russell explained the fact that Mercedes will definitely become stronger ultimately. But whether “we are going to have that next weekend in the Bahrain International Circuit or not, I think is a bit of a stretch.” said Russell.

George Russell mercedes

The 24-year-old Mercedes driver believes that the W14 looks strong and very stable. But in front of what Max is doing, being realistic is what all Silver Arrows need to be. However, he claimed that there is no reason why Mercedes won’t be able to come to the front during the 2023 F1 campaign.