Ted Kravitz Warns Lewis Hamilton About Max Verstappen Using His “Secret Weapons” For The 2023 Season

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton is looking forward to getting his grip back on the driver’s championship he lost in 2021 after a close finish with the current champion. However, Max Verstappen of Red Bull is the favorite to retain the title, as the opening GP of the 2023 season will start in a few days in Bahrain. Since the last season, the Dutchman has been looking unbeatable. Verstappen even dominated the three days of pre-season testing recently. Even when Sergio Perez came into the grid, Red Bull had their name in the first place. Clearly, Red Bull is the favorite with the drivers and the RB19 car.

Lewis Hamilton On Where Mercedes Is At The Moment With W14

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell had relief in their eyes after the W14 car presented with a lot less bouncing than its predecessor. On the final day, Hamilton ended in second place behind Checo. Albeit the Mercedes engineers have done a great job with the new car, the team realizes they still have a lot to work on. As Lewis Hamilton said, they are not quite there where they wanted to be at this stage with the car.

The seven-time champion hinted that Red Bull and Ferrari are still pretty ahead of Mercedes in terms of their car’s condition and so on. The Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz is kind of on the same page with Lewis Hamilton. Kravitz adds that Hamilton and his team should know about the three secret weapons Max and the team has for the upcoming season. According to the Sky Sports reporter, the most significant advantage of Red Bull is its RB19 car. Kravitz believes that Red Bull will use lightweight chassis, unlike what they did in last season.

Ted Kravitz Explains The Three Secret Weapons Of Red Bull

Christian Horner with Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) & Christian Horner (Red Bull)

Using the minimum legal weight would be a key factor. Kravitz also mentioned that they would start using the lightweight as a base and would like to maintain the weight limit. According to Kravitz, the second weapon is Red Bull’s history with the cost cap and breaching the limit. As the scandal last year when Red Bull had to pay 5.8 million pounds as a fine. And also a ten percent reduction in the testing of the aerodynamics. Ted thinks the previous year’s experience will help the Milton Keynes team. The experience will make them complete all the academic work and the designs even before that comes in. They will get the benefits at the end of the year and even the next.

Finally, the third weapon Ted Kravitz talked about is the current champion himself. The Sky Sports reporter feels that Max Verstappen is currently the best racer on the grid. Perhaps of all the drivers, including Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time champion had lost his championship-winning touch since 2021, when Max was able to beat him narrowly. Last season Lewis Hamilton was no way near title contention primarily due to the W13 car. But Verstappen has been in fine form and not showing any weakness whatsoever. After three days of testing, Max Verstappen was happy. He mentioned, as a whole, the team, and he feels they are in a pretty good place.