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Mercedes Driver George Russell

‘Mercedes’s second driver, George Russell, is way more deserving to be the title contender this year,’ each Mercedes fan is saying so after seeing the spectacular performance of the 24-year-old newcomer. Russell stepped into his dream team when it was at its lowest, yet he extracted what he deserved, a maiden f1 win! Driving alongside the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, the Young Briton surpassed him in the driver’s standings by 34 points. Last year was indeed the worst for team Mercedes, but for Georeg Russell, it was mathematically the best in his so far F1 career. Now that the new campaign is just a 3, 2, 1 countdown away, more hopes and expectations from the driver are being made.

The Silver Arrows, on their take, has provided him. Better car, a changed livery, and a porpoising-free car. Also, this year, George Russell is working with a new racing engineer as Marcus Dudley has replaced Riccardo Mosconi. And the best part about this news is knowing that Dudley is the same engineer who guided Russell in Brazil last year, nailing at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the solitary win for Russell and Mercedes.


George Russell And The Engineer Behind Mercedes’ Only Win Is Working Together

No Mercedes fan can ever forget the grand one-two victory of the Silver Arrows in the drought in 2022. George Russell became a star that day. But that was not the only day; more days are coming as the duo is reuniting this entire season.

Speaking of the Mercedes new car’s performance, George Russell is a little down with hopes. He denies being optimistic about the First Grand Prix of the season. The Bahrain pre-season test has given a little bit of a reality check to the drivers. Just as we all have seen, Russell, too, knows that Red Bull is already dominating. And Mercedes, at present, is not optimizing at that level. However, “It will definitely eventually become so,” believed Russell. But “Whether Mercedes is going to have that next weekend in Bahrain Grand Prix, I think its a bit of stretch,” he said.

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For Red Bull, George Russell claimed that the team is looking very strong and stable. Moreover, another plus factor they have is Max Verstappen, who is performing really well. In conclusion, George Russell finds it better to be realistic. “It will be a stretch for the upcoming weekend’ said Russell. However, he believes that there is “no reason why ultimately Mercedes cannot get there at some point of this season.” Don’t forget that Mercedes has worked with strength at the highest development level, and it is still the same team. So not today, in the first race, But tomorrow till the last, Mercedes will save its dignity.