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“Josh Donaldson Not A Worthy Yankee”! No Justifications Working For The Bombers’ Baseman

New York Yankees sometimes remain a master of luck when they do trade, but sometimes, the traded player becomes intolerable, like is happening with Josh Donaldson. Last year is better to be called as the worst year of his career because counting it in his achievements is kind of ruining everything. Yankees know that in the list of useless players, Donalson stands way behind Aaron Hicks. But what can be done now that he is still a Yankee and playing for the team in the 2023 season?

They say the Spring training of MLB predicts the future of the team in the season. And so, speaking of the Yankees, specifically Josh Donaldson in the Yankees, one can notice that the training performance is not working in his favor. The practice at-bats are going pretty badly. And now, all that the Yankees are left to do is, find someone to consume the deal and move on with him. However, on the contrary, Yankees manager Aaron Boone has suggested that fans better be crazy if they don’t think Josh Donaldson is throwing a strong comeback.

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Josh Donaldson. AP

Josh Donaldson Gives Explanations That Can’t Save Him

Now if you are unaware of how Josh Donaldson himself justifies his act and his dull performance of the 2022 season, you must be lucky because it is not all worth believing. He gave a full explanation to the NY post and said, “I struggled to heart last year. I came here with the mindset of doing the things that I have done before. A three-week spring training, kind of getting ready, ramped up. And the unknown of when we were going to get going last year. I feel better today than where I was last year.”

Yes, indeed, true with every word. But wait! was it just for Josh, or what? Everybody had that pressure and the same mindset; this is not a justification by any means. Last year in the entire season, Donaldson made something just in May. A home run against the Orioles and .279 with a .847 OPS was the most productive thing for Donaldson.

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Yankees – Donaldson

Josh is trying to add the spring training s into excuses. But he forgets the fact that no MLB players need spring training to get prepared to play 162 games. Others who are genuinely good players do reps and try to avoid injury by performing their best. It is basically the potential issue that is preventing Josh from continuing with the pace.