Mercedes is on the path to claiming Lewis Hamilton’s eighth world championship in 2023. The once-dominated team has ensured a strong comeback with an evolution of the W13, painting the W14 Balck, reminding fans of Mercedes’s reigning era. Going deep into the history of the Silver Arrows, it is easy to claim that, yes, Mercedes had been the greatest Formula One team, and winning the 2023 F1 campaign is not difficult for them.

But Unfortunately, the 2022 F1 season in which Mercedes barely saved its pride with just a single win of the season that too, claimed by George Russell, not by their ace, Lewis Hamilton, is compelling fans to be realistic. What if, once again, Red Bull’s RB19 overtakes Mercedes’ W14 every single weekend? The gap of 16 and 3 wins Mercedes made with Red Bull and Ferrari, respectively, is keeping Silver Arrows away from aiming for the double championships this year.

Toto Wolff

In the 2023 pre-season testing, despite having a front-runner car, Mercedes will be starting behind Red Bull and Ferrari. However, their fandom need not chin down because the boss Toto Wolff, is giving assurance that Mercedes may have to start the season from behind, but it will eventually become a “front runner.”

Mercedes Breathes Hope!

By the upcoming week, Formula One will host its three-day pre-season test in Bahrain. All eyes on Mercedes are seeking a pint of hope. Now that all the F1 teams have launched their 2023 car, fans got a pillar on which to base their predictions. For Mercedes, the shining black livery, which is an evolution of the W13, is worth giving chills. On its first run during the launch at Silverstone, the car was approved as perfect by Lewis Hamilton. After driving for a while, Hamilton and George Russell both agreed that the W14 is meeting expectations.

Lewis Hamilton

Right now, nothing bigger can be claimed as Wolff is trying to be practical this time after facing a bad defeat last year. But, he can’t stop himself from saying, “eventually,” they will have the best car on the grid [after bringing the required upgrades].

As mentioned by Sky Sports, Toto Wolff spoke on the Mercedes 2023 F1 challenger, and he was a little down with confidence. Wolff stated that he, of course, wants to claim that the W14 will be the most competitive car in the battle of the 2023 championship. But he is afraid. He explained, “on one side, we want to say we will be competitive. But on the other side, we gotta stay humble and realistic.” So all that you can do is say, ” I HOPE that Mercedes will be competitive,” said Wolff.

However, Wolff said that in the midway roundhouse, The team would become competitive. The exact time when? It is unknown yet. But you can say it is “eventually.”