Lewis Hamilton-Juliana Nalu

“Whom does Lewis Hamilton is dating?” the question repeated by every Hamilton fan often gets answers but not the perfect ones. Recently during his off-season trip to Antarctica, Lewis Hamilton was caught with the Brazilian supermodel Juliana Nalu. Fans made a video viral on the internet in which he had a girl in his arms who appeared to be Nalu.

But who is Julliana Nalu, and how is she connected to Kanye West? She is a 24-year-old Brazilian fashion model. And she is probably the ex-girlfriend of the world-famous rapper Kanye West. According to many reports, the pair was spotted many times by the paparazzi, and they also dated for around two months.

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Like everyone else, Hamilton enjoyed the winter break as a reason to get recharged for another challenging F1 season. He went on the trip, not alone, by the way. Nina Dobrev and the former Olympic gold medalist Snowboarder Shaun white was there too. In a hot tub, we saw a glimpse of a girl with Hamilton whose top’s color matched the same as Juliana’s. She is the one who went on the same trip, fortunately.

There is no proof that the mystery woman in Hamlton’s arm was Nalu. Not even a single photo together from the trip or even outside after the trip has been found. It is only a speculation that the desperate fans made themselves. So believing the rumors that were aired pretty badly last month, the woman was the ex of Kanye West.

Lewis Hamilton And Kanye West Strikes Once Again

Lewis Hamilton and West have crossed each other’s paths several times. Apparently, the Briton loves music, and Kanye is one of the best and most iconic pop singers, so we including the seven-time Formula One world champion, like him. Once in a show with James Corden, hamilton also revealed his love for Ye, saying that he himself likes to play Kanye’s music. Uto the music taste, we can understand that they have the same one. But do the pair has the same taste in women too?

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We all know that the 45-year-old Atlanta, Georgia rapper got divorced from Kim Kardashian. However, he then went on several dates; one of the famous and elongated dates was the Brazilian model. But soon, they got separated. Meanwhile, Julliana herself does not clarify her relationship with anyone. Recently speaking with revistaquem.globo.com, she said, “the important thing for me is that I am here enjoying the carnival.”

Juliana focused on how she is enjoying the Brazilian Carnival at present, refusing to speak anything about those airing rumors. The model explained that she is very happy with the love that the people of Brazil are showering on her. It is important for all of us to see a girl who came from the favel and here is representing the girls. She said, “This is what makes her very happy.”