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Mercedes Star Lewis Hamilton Almost Married His Then Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger! Is He Dating Shakira Now?

Formula One icon Lewis Hamilton has a pretty interesting life. Well, he has conquered a lot of race tracks in his career. He has been a world champion seven times in Formula One. The Mercedes star has a wide friends circle in the entertainment and sports industry as well. He owns a fashion brand with Tommy Hilfiger called TOMMYXLEWIS. Tommy Hilfiger once mentioned Lewis as cool and sophisticated, and his style goes well with today’s generation of Tommy’s fans. Hamilton is friends with many Hollywood superstars as well as American sporting personalities like LeBron James. But nothing has been highlighted more than his relationship with American pop star Nicole Scherzinger which lasted for about eight long years. Moreover, after his heart-breaking separation from the singer, it was revealed that the duo was about to get married.

Lewis Hamilton Had A Serious Relationship With Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger
Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger Source: SportsLeo

There is a rumor that Lewis Hamilton proposed to Nicole Scherzinger as many as three times, but she refused. Moreover, Metro’s Ann Lee was the first to claim that Hamilton wanted to marry Nicole Scherzinger. However, when Lee asked Hamilton in the 2014 Australian Grand Prix if he intended to marry Nicole, the seven-time champion was quite blunt to say, “No. I am not.” Although, his answer was not very believable at that time. On top of that, Dominik Lemanski of Daily Star shared the information he got to know from a friend of Lewis Hamilton that the seven-time champion was trying to hide the big news. In fact, Lewis had proposed again, going down on his knees, and Nicole finally had accepted. But the question arises, when did it all go south then?


Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were a power couple in the early 2010s. The paparazzi were all over them all the time. However, the duo broke up in 2015. Later, the seven-time champion revealed the reason “It is not healthy when we both stay far away for so long. We both travel a lot.” However, Hamilton asserted that it was a good relationship but too hard to maintain. And that’s how it ended. However, Nicole and Lewis reunited for a fashion award at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019. Last year as well, Lewis Hamilton gave another hint that he misses his ex-partner and her family when he commented on an Instagram post of Nicole Scherzinger’s sister. Hamilton wrote to Keala’s post, “Miss you Guys. Happy Holidays.”

Is Lewis Dating Shakira Now?

Lewis Hamilton Shakira
Lewis Hamilton with Shakira in Miami. Source: People

Talking about recent times, Lewis Hamilton’s dating life caught media attention once again due to his dinner date with Shakira during the Miami Grand Prix. The Queen of Latin Music had a long-time relationship with Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique. But the couple separated last June. Hence, both Hamilton and Shakira are single and might become a potential power couple in the future.

Hamilton’s dating history has got a long list. The seven-time champion also dated Rihanna not long after he broke up with Scherzinger. He has also been linked with English singer Rita Ora although they never officially dated. However, it clearly proves Lewis Hamilton has good taste in music and artists as well. Currently, the Mercedes driver is 38 and not married. And many fans wonder when he is getting married. But the new question in everyone’s mind is if Shakira is the one.