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VP Kamala Harris Donned Lakers Jersey After Losing Warriors Bet With Husband

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors’ clash has effects on people beyond the basketball fraternity. And why won’t it be? It was an encounter of the decade as LeBron James faced the Warriors again in the playoffs after so many years. On top of that, the rivalry between Stephen Curry and LeBron James has always been pretty exciting. They are the two NBA greats of the 21st century.

From 2015 to 2018, NBA fans saw these two greats meet in the final. Stephen Curry with the Warriors won thrice, and LeBron James with Cleveland Cavaliers won only in 2016. Since then, the Dubs have built a dynasty in NBA that they extended last year as well. Curry and the Golden State won four championships in eight years. Many fans from different places thought the San Francisco-based team would extend their dynasty this season as well. But it was perhaps not meant to be, as the Lakers blew the defending champions away by winning in the second round of the playoffs. And looks like the United States Of America’s Vice President Kamala Harris has also felt the loss of the defending champs in some form.


VP Kamala Harris Wears A Lakers Jersey After Losing Wager To Husband

Joe Biden Kamala Harris Stephen Curry Warriors
Kamala Harris Joe Biden Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

People from all over the world have been excited about the encounter between the two giant NBA franchises. Celebrities from different spheres like films, music, and other sports, as well as famous politicians, were eager to know what happened between the Lakers and the Warriors. As it turns out, the Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris, was rooting for the Golden State Warriors to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. She even had a bet with her husband that if the Lakers won, she had to wear a Lakers jersey. And if the Warriors won, then vice versa. Kamala Harris has always been a die-hard fan of the Warriors. In contrast, her husband has always been a Lakers fan.

However, after a tough and exciting series, the Lakers emerged victorious, and the Vice President lost the wager. Apparently, Kamala Harris will always have her allegiance to the Dub Nation. But after the series was over, Kamala Harris tweeted a picture where she wore a Lakers jersey to comply with the rules of the wager. The Vice President wrote, “A deal is a deal. Congratulations to the Lakers. But will always root for the Warriors.” it is clear how much she loves the San Francisco team. Although, it looks a bit weird seeing the Vice President wearing a Lakers jersey as she has a custom Golden State Warriors jersey. The Dub Nation gifted the jersey to Kamala Harris at their White House visit this year.

LA Has A Tough “Joker” Challenge Ahead

Nikola Jokic Vs Lakers
Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, right, works the ball inside as Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley, left, and center Dwight Howard defend in the first half of an NBA basketball game Saturday Jan. 15, 2022, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

The fact is that the Warriors are back to the drawing board, and the Lakers have progressed to the Western Conference finals. Now, the Lakers must hold onto the momentum they have built on their way throughout the playoffs. But a tough challenge awaits. As the Purple and the Gold squad will meet the Nuggets, who have the best attack in the West and perhaps overall.

It is going to be another challenge for Anthony Davis and the team to stop the force of Nikola Jokic after they were able to stop Steph Curry’s team. The Nuggets have blown the Timberwolves and the Suns away in the playoffs so far and are more than desperate to throw the Lakers out of the title contention.