Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Who is the formula One superstar? Without a doubt, one will say, it is Lewis Hamilton. He is a British Mercedes driver who has got the highest number of wins in formula one. The 37-year-old is a seven-time world champion; he holds the most records, respect, and fans from all over the world. Probably Lewis Hamilton has got everything a man can wish for. What he does not have at present is a life partner. The Mercedes star is a single, lone Wolff! As he is a superstar, praisings don’t leave him, but there comes rumors too! Recently, rumors aired saying that Lewis Hamilton is gay, and maybe that’s why he does not have a girlfriend. BUT IS HE? Let’s see.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the only drivers who often speaks in matters beyond the sport. He, along with the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, has raised voices against social issues many times during the weekend races. Recently, Lewis Hamilton tried to spread awareness regarding the LGBTQ+ campaign through the platform Formula One. He wore pride helmet t-shirts, posted Instagram stories, and supported the campaign in every possible way. However, these steps, along with other facts, made some of Hamilton’s fans believe that he himself is gay.

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Spreading rumors about sexuality is not a big deal nowadays, since when hiding sexuality is not necessary. For Lewis Hamilton, such rumors airing is not a matter of surprise. He is 37, unmarried, single, and pays the least interest in romantic life. So far, Lewis himself has never revealed his sexual identity. He never said he is gay, but he never said he is straight too! What is he, then?

Lewis Hamilton Has A History With Girls!

Looking at past events, Lewis Hamilton has never been caught with any male friend in a way that would suggest them as couples or lovers. In addition, paparazzi’s have spotted him with several girls in the past. Earlier, everyone knew that the pop star Nicole Scherzinger was n a close relationship with Lewis Hamilton. They spent eight years together, attended events together, and dated too. But apparently, they broke up.

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When Hamilton and Scherzinger were a couple, thousands of fans page were made. Fans loved the couple too much but as they separated, it broke fans, hearts, too. No one what made them split up like that after eight years, but some say that Nichole wanted to marry and Hamilton was not ready yet. This created a sense of misunderstanding, and later Scherzinger preferred to leave the Formula One star.

After Nichole Scherzinger, another celebrity was known to be Hamilton’s girlfriend. It was Veronica Valle; she is a glamor model who had been in a relationship with Lewis Hamilton for 6 months. But then they too got separated. Lewis Hamilton himself never revealed his relationship with Veronica or Janelle Monae, as some say about her too. But they were often caught together as a couple by the paparazzi.

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Now, those still wondering if Hamilton is gay should keep wondering because Hamilton has never spoken about his sexuality. And rather than the past relationships, he has nothing which can prove him as a straight man. Yet know that the driver supports the LGBTQ+ community with all heart.

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