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Mercedes Looking To Reduce Lewis Hamilton’s Salary! Is This The Reason For Delayed Contract Negotiations?

With the continuous disappointments Lewis Hamilton has been facing with Mercedes since 2022, fans started figuring out a need for SWITCHING. No doubt, if Hamilton gets a car like RB19 or AMR23, he gets the ticket to becoming the GOAT driver, the one with eight titles. But with cars like W13, and W14, which either have porpoising issues or no downforce, what could be achieved except for a P5 or P4 at most? (Humiliation of getting defeated by the green team, Aston Martin).
Now the point of mentioning all of these is, will Lewis Hamilton sign a new contract with Mercedes as it is the last year of his contract? And amid this, a report has been emerging claiming that with the down performances, Hamilton’s salary is also getting down in Mercedes.

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes driver Source: Getty Images

So far, only one thing is clear: Lewis Hamilton is not leaving Formula One in 2023. He is not retiring or ending his F1 career by the end of this year. Just this. Earlier, it was also known that if Hamilton stays, he will stay with Mercedes ONLY. But now, given the recent developments in the matter, it does not seem like that.


Pundit Martin Brundle from Sky Sports somehow knows that Lewis Hamilton’s income from Mercedes is getting reduced. And Damon Hill, on the other hand, believes that it is time when Hamilton needs to look for his betterment. Look for who can give him the better CAR, he NEEDS to win the eighth championship because, sadly, it’s not going to be Mercedes anymore.

There Are Many Reasons Why Lewis Hamilton Might Not Sign the New Mercedes Contract.

No matter how many claims boss Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton make to solidify their loyalty to each other. There are things coming in between which must be considered before Lewis signs the new career-ending deal with Mercedes. Recently, Hamilton’s frustration coming from the constant failure got voices. He finally, just for once, seemed upset with Mercedes as he revealed that the team ignored his advice last year.

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Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc AFP Via Getty Images

At present, Lewis Hamilton’s situation is not any different from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and McLaren’s Lando Norris. All three deserve better. But with the cars that Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren are providing to them, respectively, their potential remains useless. Brundle tends to put Hamilton on Leclerc and Norris’ list not only because they are all hit by luck but also because all three respective teams are promising betterment each year and fulfilling nothing. “In terms of updates, personnel, moving forward, what is happening?” said Martin. He can see things getting repeated from last year.

Things Are Under Negotiations: Reports

Besides this, about the salary thing, Martin Brundle revealed that Hamilton is in the middle of negotiations. The F1 pundit is 100% sure of the fact that Lewis will always chase performance, never go money. But this does not mean that he will “turn down a big pay cheque,” especially when you are allowed to get it. Brundle admitted, “at Mercedes-Benz, some pressure is there which calls to reduce Hamilton’s salary from what it was.” So now negotiations will come for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. However, with this, a lot of game plays will also appear.

Toto Wolff With Lewis Hamilton

It will definitely be a plot twist if the seven-time work champion rejects the new contract with Mercedes. His love for the team is not little enough to leave them. Yet, looking at the facts, it is clear that being with Mercedes at present and trusting them is not entirely wise for Hamilton.