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Boss Toto Wolff Claims W14 Car Will Look A Lot Different In Mid-Season! Raises Hope For The Mercedes Fans

Mercedes has been the most successful F1 team in recent years. From 2014 to 2020, nobody came close to the team and its star Lewis Hamilton. The turbo-hybrid era saw Mercedes rise to the top with their unbeatable car. In the new cost cap era, the same goes for Red Bull’s RB19. On the other hand, the Brackley team is finding it a lot more challenging to get a championship-winning car ready for its drivers. They won seven driver’s world championships and eight constructor’s titles in a row. The last constructor’s title came in 2021 for Mercedes. But things have changed very drastically in the new era.

However, Mercedes is not ruling the grid anymore. That must be a really sad display for the fans. After the opening race in Bahrain, the car was a massive disappointment for the team and especially the fans. Even after the second day of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, it did not get any better. On the second day of the Jeddah race, Lewis Hamilton finished 11th and could not even reach the top ten. Clearly, this year’s design is not working well against the front-runners. However, boss Toto Wolff has some comforting news to share with the team’s fans. Check out!


Toto Wolff Says Mercedes’ W14 Will Have A New Look After Seven Races

lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton W14 Mercedes

Since the last season, Mercedes has been disappointing their fans after every race except the Brazilian Grand Prix, which they won with their new driver, George Russell, coming on top. That was Russell’s maiden Grand Prix victory. But the young Briton is looking for his second race win. And what about the veteran seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton? The Abu Dhabi race back in 2021 was such an excellent chance for Hamilton to clinch the eighth title. But he came so close yet so far. It is 2023, and still no sign of the eighth title. Clearly, there is no chance until Mercedes provide him with a fast and smooth car sans problems.

Toto Wolff W14 Mercedes
Toto Wolff W14 Mercedes

But Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ Principal, says the middle of the season will be very different for the team and the fans. They have been working on all the problems of the car for a long time but have not yet gotten it right. Wolff claims that the German team will develop a vehicle that will produce better results within the next seven races.

According to Toto, Mercedes is not looking to overcomplicate things and stick to the basics. The best thing for the Brackley team at the moment is to use the same design as the Red Bull car. There is a reason why the RB19 car is the fastest in the cost-cap era. Toto also says that he is happy for his long-time friend Lance Stroll getting success with Aston Martin after so many years. Mercedes has shared a lot of parts with Aston Martin, like the rear end, gearbox, and engines. Hence, Toto Wolff feels there are a lot of positives to take from Stroll’s team’s success with a few major changes to the design of the car. Mercedes is using the same design they used last season, currently.