Anthony Davis
Maxi Kleber, Mavericks (left) and Anthony Davis, Lakers (right)LAPRESSE

The Lakers are walking on a thin line where they cannot afford many mistakes. First of all, they did not have an ideal start to the season. The team did not look like a title contender. Initially, the team depended too much on the trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Later, they could not wait to trade Westbrook. Then the injury concerns of several players messed up their season. But after the February trade, the front office of the Lakers was able to bring balance to the roster. The team looked like cruising for a moment until the leader of the group fell with a tendon injury in his right foot.

The team had a strong core, but injuries could not let them free. Without LeBron James, there was no hope for the Lakers. But Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell came to their rescue after a long break caused due to injuries. The team was doing pretty well without James at a point but could not hold onto a winning streak. That’s what Anthony Davis kept telling the media a streak would change the course for them in the Western Conference. But the recent performances of the squad are not reflecting what they are saying.


Anthony Davis Blames Himself For The Loss Against The Mavericks

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers

The Lakers managed to win a couple of games in a row but not more than that in the last few weeks. Lately, the team has lost back-to-back games. First, they lost against the Rockets, who were then the lowest-ranking side in Houston. Then last night, they lost against the sixth-seed Mavericks in a fascinating encounter. The match as late in the last second was for the Lakers to grab until a three-pointer ruined the night for the hosts. It can prove to be a costly mistake for the Lakers if they fail to hold their position in the top ten. When the Lakers lost against the Knicks, their current leader on the court, Anthony Davis, took the whole blame on himself. AD did the same again after the match against the Mavericks.

After the game, AD discussed how he was initially guarding Maxi Kleber. But Kyrie Irving confused him with a fake shot that allowed Maxi to catch and throw in free space. Anthony Davis performed exceedingly well, though, scoring 26 points, three assists as well as ten rebounds. But he did make some costly errors. As he fouled Kleber in the middle of the game while he tried to score a three-pointer. Due to the foul, the Mavericks got the chance to get back in the game. In the end, the Mavericks were able to snatch the game away from the jaws of defeat.   

How Costly This Defeat Will Become For The Lakers?

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Photograph by Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty

The Lakers really needed to win this home game. The player who could have played for the purple and gold brigade after the February trade made the difference last night. Albeit Kyrie Irving did not score the winner, he did provide the clever assist to it. Finally, it was Maxi Kleber who was there at the right place at the right time and threw the match-winning three-pointer.

This defeat lowers the chances of the Lakers proceeding further through to the postseason. Only 11 games remain, and if the Lakers waste their chances like this, they will miss another postseason like last year. The Lakers should learn their lesson to not lose their grip until the game is over. Kyrie Irving really played the role of a spoilsport for the moods of the fans and the players of the LA franchise. The Lakers must be careful not to repeat this mistake in the rest of the games.