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Why Is Lewis Hamilton Separating With Long-Time Support Angela Cullen? Physiotherapist Herself Revealed

Lewis Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013. And the fortune of the Brackley team has changed ever since. Mercedes dominated the grid in the turbo-hybrid era, winning driver’s and constructor’s titles from 2014 to 2020. Lewis Hamilton won six driver’s world championships with Mercedes. But, in 2021, the fortune did not quite support the German team. Albeit, Mercedes won the constructor’s title back in 2021. However, there is another team who has been enjoying hegemony on the grid since then. But that does not mean the 2000 people working back in the Brackley factory have lost any enthusiasm for building the best car for the team.

They are trying but have not yet reached where they wanted to. Since the opening race in Bahrain, the German team has looked slightly disappointed with the car’s condition. It is like they have realized they cannot win this season as well. Lewis Hamilton narrowly missed his chance of winning the eighth title in the last grand prix of 2021. It was a dream-shattering moment for Mercedes and Hamilton. The seven-time champion has not yet lost hope of getting to the coveted eighth one. But recent news from the paddock has left the entire Hamilton fans in shock. What is that? Keep reading to find out.


Lewis Hamilton Is Partying Ways With Angela Cullen

Angela Cullen Lewis Hamilton
Angela Cullen Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Looks like Lewis Hamilton has to go through another tough transition in the Mercedes team. As he got to part ways with his long-time physiotherapist Angela Cullen. It is a very emotional time for both Hamilton and Cullen as they have been together for so long. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested that it was Lewis Hamilton who decided to split with Angela Cullen.

Wolff revealed that, according to Hamilton, it was not working out anymore, and a change was actually necessary. Mercedes Principal mentioned, “anyways, the team would support their star with anything.” Hence, it was not a surprise that Cullen would leave Hamilton right before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. But the reason why Lewis Hamilton is partying ways with Cullen was not clear.

Both Lewis And Angela Wrote On Social Media Greeting To Each Other

At first, it was Lewis Hamilton who credited Angela Cullen for making him the person and champion that he has been. It was Angela, who had been constantly by his side all these years, that helped him win so much. Hamilton says that he can’t wait to see the beautiful future that awaits Angela. Even boss Toto Wolff mentioned that she had been a mascot for the team. He joked later that Cullen is louder than a starting car. Meanwhile, Angela replied to all these well wishes on her Instagram handle. She thanked everybody on the Mercedes-Benz team for being such a wonderful family for so many years.

Angela also took time to specially wish Hamilton the very best for his future, also calling him the “GOAT.” She ended her beautiful farewell speech with the lines, “Still We Rise.” Angela also mentioned that she would always be on Hamilton’s side. Meanwhile, in between the recent Mercedes slump, Toto Wolff also hinted that Lewis Hamilton might decide to change teams after a year or two himself. If the Brackley team is unable to provide him with a car that helps him to win the eighth title, then it makes total sense to end this wonderful partnership. Toto says he will hold no grudge if Hamilton decides to leave Mercedes after a couple of years.