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Lewis Hamilton Has No Plans Of Leaving Mercedes! Has 100% Belief In Boss Toto Wolff & Team

Lewis Hamilton is the most decorated racer in Formula One’s history. Nobody has won more than seven driver’s world championships. Only the two legends, Michael Schumacher and Hamilton. Before coming to Mercedes, the seven-time champion British racer won a season with the McLaren team back in 2008. But since he joined Mercedes in 2013, the F1 world has changed for good.

The Brackley team dominated the F1 grid from 2014 to 2020. Albeit, they won the constructor’s title in 2021 as well. The star of the Mercedes team was undoubtedly the only colored driver on the grid. Lewis Hamilton won six driver’s world titles with the German team. But as all good things have an expiry date, the hegemony of Mercedes also looks like it has ended in 2021.


Lewis Hamilton Would Like To Stay In Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

However, the major concern for Hamilton fans is his age. Lewis Hamilton is 38. And he has expressed a lot of interests other than racing as well. Hence, the fans are worried about how long he will actually be willing to continue if the Brackley team does not come up with a fast and smooth car for winning titles again. Mercedes has proved to be in deep trouble after the opening race in Bahrain of the 2023 season.

Experts and fans speculate that Hamilton is waiting for the season to end. And the results of the current season will determine if he will stay with Mercedes. But Lewis Hamilton has denied any such claims. The seven-time champion said that he has a pretty good relationship with the team principal. So, Hamilton would like to continue in Mercedes until anything horrible happens between the two.

Age Is Not A Factor For Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso Aston Martin and Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Even though people talk about Hamilton’s age, there is no certainty that it will determine if he decides to retire this year or whenever. Fernando Alonso is the oldest driver on the grid, and he recently rose to fame again after finishing third at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Alonso proves that age is not an issue for an F1 driver as he gets a podium finish after a long time. Lewis Hamilton should believe in the same mantra. But if he believes in that too much, then he might have to change his team as Alonso did. That might not be good news for the Mercedes fans and families. After all, Lewis Hamilton is the biggest hope of the fans to expect the team to win the title.

George Russell has potential, but he is yet to win a championship. In fact, Russell has won only one GP in his career until now. But the fans are relieved to know that Hamilton is not going anywhere anytime soon. The racer has earlier expressed disappointment in Mercedes not following his suggestions. That resulted in a disastrous result in Bahrain. But the champ is more concerned with what’s next. Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he has complete confidence in his team for the next GP in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on March 19, 2023.