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George Russell – Mercedes

Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have always been excellent complements to each other. It rarely happens that they get into arguments. Lewis Hamilton has been like a role model to the young George Russell. The Mercedes team has been going through a challenging phase since last year with the car. Everybody is well aware of that.
The team was partially happy after the three days of pre-season tests in Bahrain. The boss and the drivers claimed that last year at the same time, they were in a much more confused state with the W13 car. But this year, they were happy to reduce the bouncing trouble. Albeit, the team faced a new crisis with the balance of the vehicle.

George Russell Claims Both Him And Hamilton Agreed On W14 Concept

Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell - Mercedes
Toto Wolff with Mercedes Drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

Then leading to the opening race of the season, it was clear that Mercedes is not quite there among the title contentions. A new title contender has emerged in the form of Aston Martin. They are actually using a lot of Mercedes parts in their car, like the wind tunnel. Hence the question arises of what Mercedes is doing wrong that it can’t get there as fast as Red Bull and Aston Martin. The Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has expressed his disappointment over the team not taking his suggestions into account.


However, Hamilton’s teammate, George Russell, claims that the seven-time champion knew very well about the concept that the team was building the new car with. And also, all of them agreed that it was the right way to move forward, including Lewis Hamilton. If what Russell is claiming is true, then the reason for Lewis Hamilton to be disappointed does not make any sense.

Russell Explains Why Both The Drivers Are Suppose To Know About The Concept

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

George Russell further adds that it is a team decision and not an individual’s decision that the team follows. When a majority is on board with a decision, the group settles to move along with it. After the race in Bahrain, the whole team was keen on rectifying the mistakes that happened due to the flaws of the concept that the group had agreed on. Russell explains that the team came up with the idea based on all the available information. George also added that it is a team of 2000 people working on the concept and not one person leading the team with instructions.

All information on the work done on the simulators and everything is considered while developing the idea. But the young Briton also knows that they are not on the right track yet. Especially after the governing body made some changes to the floor rules. George Russell said, “we need to get on track as soon as possible to prevent another disastrous season.” Mercedes is confident as a team that they are gradually getting where they want to be with the car. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be critical to evaluating the improvements of the W14 car. Russell claims that they have enough information and knowledge to make the necessary changes. And they have already started working on those.