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Yankees DJ LeMahieu Finally Safe From Foot Issues This Year! Not Facing Any Issue For Months

The Spring Training of the MLB world series defines it all, which player is going to trouble, and who is going to recover. For the Yankees, the spring training made one thing clear, their star player, DJ LeMahieu, is back. Last year, most of the time, he could not play with his full potential due to the leg injury. However, in the off-season, spending weeks on the bed made leg back to where it belongs, to the field.

It was a concern if DJ Le Mahieue would continue being injured for the 2023 season, as his presence keeps a difference. At first, doctors claimed the foot would take surgery before standing up. But look at him. He is feeling good about the foot. On Thursday, after the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone claimed, “We have had a few months with zero foot issues.” However, the Yankee’s loss to the Pirates, 9-6, at Steinbrenner Field made Boone figure out we were past DJ’s injury.

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DJ LeMahieu

It has been quite early from when the manager and all Yankees expected him to get alright. So now LeMahieu, the weapon for the Yankees, is all ready to do his role. He got his right toe bone broken last year; the ligaments were damaged, it was painful, and it needed rest for a season, but nothing could stop him from coming to the fields again, doing reps at third base.

DJ LeMahieu Back Like No Injury, Hitting The Best In Spring.

Nevertheless, the .333 hitting of DJ on Thursday at full pace, with a pair of good walks by all means, proved that we could expect a lot from this season. He also made a home run with 103.6 mph off the bat. When he hit the ball to right-center, the ball was absolutely crushed, as he said. No issue or sense of problem was found between the first, second, and third.

Speaking of last year, we saw LeMahieu at his best when he posted .813 OPS, that too in front of Aaron Judge. It was a valuable head-off, no doubt. However, just after the injury occurred, he ended up concluding the 2022 season with an average of .734 OPS.

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Dj LeMahieu (Image: AP)

It was sad for Aaron Boone to say that “He [DJ LeMahieu] played through the injury last year, which had an impact on the result.” However, despite the injury and the broken bone, he is a good hitter. Not only good but also a smart and patient hitter. Aaron Boone feels proud when he appreciates the 34-year-old prayers.

Meanwhile, Boon is sad for Edwin Diaz too. He broke his patellar tendons in the world baseball classic celebration. The manager hopes that Edwin’s injury doesn’t get tied to WBC. He says so because Diaz was one of the players who threw high-leverage playoff innings in March. And what happened is just freaking.