New York Yankees’ Opening Day Lineup Out! Josh Donaldson Set To Play Third Base

The wait is over, and finally, the opening day lineup of the Yankees is in front of us. The 2023 MLB season will begin with the Yankees Vs. Giants and this will come with a minimal lineup. Two weeks before the season opener game, the Yankees selected their first and third base players. Also, it is confirmed that Gerrit Cole and Logan Webb will join the NY team on opening day.

According to the Yankees manager Aaron Boone, Anthony Rizzo and Josh Donalsdon, who remained available for trade till the last day, are doing good. He believes in Donaldson to be a third baseman and Rizzo for the first base. On the starting catchers, the Yankees got Jose Trevino. However, sadly, during spring training, he got an injury in the wrist, keeping him at rest for a week. By the way, Kyle Higashioka will be there to replace Jose if the wrist sprain continues giving trouble.

Yankees Lineup

Now that the first and the third base had been allocated, fans wanted to know the name of the second base. So far, Gleyber Torres

is doing that; however, the if the trade wants to proceed with them, the Yankees will not stop him from going.

Yankees starter rosters might get a change following Torres’s trade as Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza may come to replace him. They are both the top shortstop for the Yankees this year. But is it possible for them to break the Yankees’ camp? “No one knows,” says the manager. Aaron Boone is constantly giving hints about what may come to the Yankees before the opening day.

The Season-Opener Faces Of The Yankees Still Depends On Trade

The Yankees played with the Pirates at Steinbrenner Field on Thursday, but before this, Boone reminded us that the first game of the season is just two weeks later. “Literally, a lot can happen still,” said Boone. All of the Yankees are very much excited about both the rookies and can predict a bright future for them. But the most important thing to know is that the shortstop battle is on. Who will it be? Isiah Kiner-Falefa? Or Someone else?

For game one, Giancarlo Stanton is a good option for his role. But DJ LeMahieu is the first option. Only if Giancarlo fails to serve as the hitter will DJ replace him. Speaking of which, LeMahieu once said, “The last five seasons gone with me being at the exact spot.” So it is the same for him; if he gets the chance to be a part of the opening day or not, it does not matter to him.

AARON JUDGE Yankees Captain

Le Mahieu, unfortunately, could not use all his potential last week due to a foot injury. But this year, during the spring training itself, he made a 410-foot homer and reported no issue at all. However, DJ is not in much of an expectation for The Bronx Bombers as his injury may struggle him in some of the 162 games.

Now comes the most important person in line, Aaron Judge. Playing on the left field for the third game, the captain is still unsure if the right field or the center will have him in the season opener. For Boone, it s not right to put Judge in the center in every game as the best player’s leg should remain prevented from injuries.