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Confirmed: Oswald Peraza Is The Starter SS For the Yankees! And Fans Are Going Crazy For The Young Gun

Who will be the Yankees shortstop for the 2023 MLB World series? This is the question that Yankees fans will be thrilled to get answered. And perhaps a reason for the thrill is in front of Oswald Peraza. Yes, the SS for the New York Baseball team is none other than Oswald, as heard by one of the MLB insiders.

It is not yet officially announced, but the insider was pretty sure about calling it Peraza’s take. For the contenders, we have Anthony Volpe, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Oswald Peraza, and Oswaldo Cabrera. Some of the fans were already not expecting KF to be the season starter because he was the same also in 2022. Speaking of the two top prospects we had, Volpe and Peraza. Recently after Aaron judge’s appreciation statements for Volpe, fans started demanding Volpe be on the opening day rosters. But seems like Judge’s recommendation is not convincing for the manager.

IKF - Yankees  (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
IKF – Yankees (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Speaking with Baseball night, Buster Olney revealed, “two days with Yankees over the weekend on Friday and Saturdays. I had heard that Oswald Peraza is going to the shortstop this year.” When he walked away through the Yankees, he figured out the factors going in favor of Peraza. And he is so sure that unless something completely unforeseen happens, Oswald Peraza is the SS for the Yankees.

Why Oswald Peraza Becoming The Yankees’ Shortstop And Not Others?

For IKF, Olney believes he is indeed a potential player on the bench at the start of the year. But not more than Oswald. Predicting the futures of Kiner-Falefa and Anthony Volpe, ESPN’s reporters suggested that KF might take some steps to make him available for the trade. And Volpe, who is doing great in the spring training, might start the season in minor leagues.

Anthony Volpe-Yankees
Anthony Volpe-Yankees

He is just 21. But he has been doing everything to remove the age factor here. He is great at batting. Just the fact that he has only played 22 allows a lack of experience in CV, which might prevent him from going to the major leagues. But the team’s captain Aaron Judge has already spoken in Volpe’s favor. Judge claimed that you are worth being a roster if you are the best, and Volpe is. So nothing can be predicted about Anthomy’s future at present.

And speaking of Kiner-Falefa, things are not so uncertain regarding him. He is already on the verge of getting traded. Till the opening day, the Yankee’s gate will be open for trade. Among the four contenders mentioned above in the article, Cabrera may get the chance to get utilized as he is able to become a good outfielder. Meanwhile, if fans are in any doubt about why Peraza is getting chosen among all, know that he has batted .306 with a .833 OPS in 18 regular season games with the Bombers. So yes, he is deserving.