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REPORTS: Mercedes’ Brand New Design Already In Wind Tunnel! Constructing Two New Concepts For This Season

Disappointments and disappointments, Mercedes could find nothing but mistakes and faults in their new W14 car. In the pre-season test itself, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, and the entire Mercedes fandom, figured out that 2023 F1 season is not something that can bring the lost dignity of the team back. With the season opener, Bahrain Grand Prix, Max Verstappen started the year victorious for Red Bull. On the other hand, Hamilton and Russell could attain only a few points for Mercedes.

The reason for such a down performance was porpoising issues LAST year. THIS year, no one is blaming the bouncing problems because it has been cured. The reason why the W14 performs a lot similar like W13 is due to a lack of downforce. And Now it needs to get fixed because Mercedes can’t afford a 2022-like defeat once again. Boss Toto Wolff has revealed a few plans through which the team is getting prepared for a “strong comeback”.


Mercedes Is Already Working On The Second Design

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Mercedes W14

With the rise of Aston Martin, Mercedes is now counting on itself as the fourth-best team on the grid. But we all know this is not Mercedes style, and so to change the disappointing fashion of finishing races. They have already innovated an alternative design for the W14 car. According to Auto Motor und Sports, the Brackley-based team is constructing two new concepts.

Speaking with the ORF, Toto Wolff revealed that Mercedes has evolved and upgraded their wind tunnel. But he remained concerned about the side pods that may get altered. Resulting in a new look of the new W14 black livery. Nevertheless, the “wrong” direction that Mercedes chose to begin the season is still on. They need to change their direction. For this, the German motor brand really needs to dig into the data and “decide the new direction to go,” as suggested by Toto Wolff.

Time For Another Plan

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Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Mercedes

The one thing that is working in favor of Mercedes at present is the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix. With this, the team is left with plenty of time to bring innovations and implement the upgrades with expected outcomes. Now there are only two races left in April. It depends upon the german squad what they bring within the remaining time they have left with.

In addition, the cost cap budget, which limits major teams from developing their cars, is not a problem for the Silver Arrows. Wolff has assured that the team is too below from reaching the limit and can bring developments in the car. All that Mercedes needs at present is a good plan and a path that can lead them nearest to the championship.

Besides, Toto Wolff knows that Aston Martin came back this strong only by taking “that” particular “decision” that Mercedes is seeking right now. He said, “if we start from our base, maybe Mercedes can come back strong and chase Red Bull and Ferrari”. If not the championship, at least “this [matching Red Bulls and Martins pace] is the ambition” of the German racing team.