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“LeBron James Takes Performance Enhancement Drug To Keep Up,” Reveals Ex-UFC Star Chael Sonnen

LeBron James has been the best player in the NBA for a long time now. He is 38, but still, the King is performing better than most in the tournament. Everybody wants to know what is the motivation behind these tremendous performances for all these years. It is clear that LeBron James loves breaking records. He is the top scorer of all time, surpassing the great “Captain” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is also one of the best assists in the tournament’s history. King James is currently number four on the all-time assists list.

He has a record number of All-Star appearances, also sharing with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But people who know him say it is not the records rather, winning is the motivation. Even King mentioned that all he wants at present is to help the Lakers get to the postseason. But unfortunately, it does not look possible for LeBron James to be part of the team in the remaining games of the regular season and help them qualify for the next phase. King James is out with an injury again.

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

Similarly the last season, LeBron James could not play several matches, and AD had to lead the team on his behalf. Albeit, it did not end well for the Lakers. But still, LeBron James inspires young aspiring talents as he is still playing at this level at 38. What’s the secret? A recent allegation says something else about the King besides why he is an inspiration. Chael Sonnen, a former UFC star, accuses LeBron James of taking drugs. The former UFC star suggests that the all-time top scorer takes PEDs. The 45-year-old MMA analyst claims that he knows who provides the King with PEDs because he takes the same drug from the same guy.

How Serious Is This Allegation Against LeBron James?

It is a very serious allegation since it is strictly prohibited to use any kind of PEDs in National Basketball Association. But people have often criticized NBA for being weak in maintaining the PEDs protocol. Sonnen revealed this secret of the King in a recent podcast interview with the comedian Andrew Schulz. In the interview with the Flagrant 2 podcast, Sonnen’s accusation came as nothing short of a shock. But the 45-year-old also added that he did not mean to accuse James of any wrongdoing but rather make it clear that PEDs are important.

Sonnen claims that EPO is essential for the body to produce red blood cells more, which gives the body a lot of stamina to carry on for a whole game. If the retired MM artist is right or wrong is for every individual to decide. But it is important to remember that in recent times Hormone Replacement Therapy has gained immense popularity among aging athletes. To maintain a body like that of LeBron James, it is necessary to use HRT. It is common among athletes because these are not like the steroids of the old times, which were dangerous and lacked research. LeBron James is a big freak of nature who has been able to maintain his shape and size on the big stage for so long.