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Toto Wolff Accepts The End Of Mercedes’ Reign, Ready To Give Up Best Power Units To Aston Martin To Fight Red Bull

Fernando Alonso is leading his way to retire once again. However, this time, he could leave with another world champion title. The Aston Martin team he signed a two-year contract with is delivering everything he must have demanded. The unexpected and surprising comeback of the team is highly impressive, which paved the way for Alonso’s two years extended deal. On the other hand, team Mercedes who provides engine and rear suspension to Aston Martin, has taken a step back, becoming a fourth team now. Given this, Mercedes would be compelled to give their engines to the British team to make them compete with Red Bull PUs.

At the Bahrain Grand Prix 2023, a few things got cleared. First of all, we got the title contenders of 2023, which included Red Bull with a one-two finish, Aston Martin with 3rd and 6th finish, Ferrari with 4th, and unfortunately, a DNF. If Mercedes wants to be on the list, they will need a miracle shot or some big steps. With the W14 black livery Mercedes car Lewis Hamilton who is spending the last year of his contract with Mercedes, could only have a P5. His teammate George Russell finished seventh. Meanwhile, the fact that the team has been able to create the same outcome again and again since 2022 has made the team realize perhaps it is the end of Mercedes’s reign.


Mercedes Should Not Have Ignored Lewis Hamilton When He Suggested Something About The Car Last Year.

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With this, Mercedes will have to accept a miserable act for itself, which is to provide the best engines to its best customer, Aston martin. However, since the month has two Grand Prixs remaining, let’s say they have two chances to prove their comeback. If in Jeddah and in Melbourne, the Brackley team fails to come on the podium, and the Spaniard succeeds in getting one once again, then Mercedes will have to take that drastic step. All the bosses will allow the best engine production for the British racing team. And no doubt, this will decrease the chances for Mercedes to progress. Perhaps this time, Alonso Vs. Hamilton will happen with the same engines, as the Spaniard wished it once.

Meanwhile, another worth-asking question arises in fans’ minds. In this time of fall, will Lewis Hamilton proceed with Mercedes? In order to win, he must SWITCH. But will he? The one statement of Hamilton that works in leading to parting ways with Mercedes by the end of his present contract period is, “They didn’t listen to me.”

They Being Sorry For Not Listening To Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton – (Mercedes) Formula One

Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion. He knows about the cars more than you, I, and the engineers do. After the exacerbated performance of the new Mercedes car, frustrated Hamilton finally burst out. He said, “Last year, I explained the issues of the car to them.” Later he added a very bold statement, and he was absolutely correct when he claimed that he had driven so many cars in life. He knows what a car needs or what a car does not need.

After the disappointing race at Sakhir last weekend, Hamilton suggested that it is all about accountability. The Briton revealed that now Mercedes is owning up to the mistakes saying, “you know that WE DID NOT LISTEN TO YOU. The car is not where we needed it to be, and now we have got a lot of work to do.”