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Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Looking For A Substitute To Replace Injured Mo Bamba! Some Veterans In Mind

The Lakers have been through a lot over the last couple of months. Not being able to find balance and an increase in injuries just ruined the campaign for the Lakers. But the last month brought some good news for the LA franchise. The team bought quality players to fill in the gaps and eliminate the players who were just a waste of money.

After the three-team deal with Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves, the LA team looked better than how they looked at the start of the season. Several valuable players came in, like D’Angelo Russell, Mo Bamba, Malik Beasley, and so on. However, just after a few games, both Russell and Bamba suffered injuries and missed several games for the Lakers.


Lakers Dealing With Injured Lakers’ Squad

Lakers Darvin Ham
Lakers Coach Darvin Ham

Darvin Ham had to take a lot of bold calls to arrange the lineup following the injuries. Anthony Davis has been unavailable since December as he sustained an injury. But then he came back pretty strong. Russell also returned after missing six games due to an injury but with a big bang. In the first two games after his return to the lineup, he has been fabulous, scoring 28 points against the Raptors and 33 points against the Knicks. The Lakers are relying on Davis and Russell at the moment to carry the team to the postseason.

But there is no sign of Mo Bamba returning to the lineup anytime soon. Even the brief time he spent on the court after joining the Lakers was a bit underwhelming. In seven games, Bamba’s average was 4.4 ppg, 5.3 rpg, and 0.6 assists per game. Coach Ham says that if any option comes up, they will be eager to explore those, but till then, the front office feels good with their roster.

Most importantly, the LA franchise is missing their third-string center. So who are the suitable replacements for Mo Bamba? Like Serge Ibaka and the former players of the Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins, and Dwight Howard may not sound perfect but can be good options to ponder about. Justin Jackson and power forward like Juancho Hernangomez can be used for a ten-day contract.

Squad Need More Reserve Players! Why?

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Anthony Davis and LeBron James Lakers via Los Angeles Times) Source: Los Angeles Times

Moreover, the Lakers need quality players on the bench as a precaution. As the team may sustain more injury-related issues, they will need players to save them in a serious situation. Only 15 games are remaining for the Lakers in the regular season. They just lost their place in the 9th seed and fell back to the 11th seed. They need to rise up again as the clock is ticking.

LeBron James is not sure when he will come back. He may miss the rest of the season if the Lakers don’t make the postseason. Anthony Davis is playing well recently, but everybody knows he can be a flight risk. Every time he falls down or collides with some player scares the coach and the fans. The Lakers had enough injury concerns this season alone.