Max Verstappen-Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen has won two Formula One world championships. He won them back-to-back, year after year, like a legend by breaking records. However, if he wants to stand neck to neck with Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, he will need five more titles. But a very interesting fact is coming from doing the mathematics with when Verstappen plans to retire from F1 and how many years he got left in the F1 contract with Red Bull. Max has revealed his interest in retiring from Formula One, being young. But when? Regarding that, he hinted that after his present contract with Red Bull ends, he won’t sign another with any team.

In 2028 Max Versatppen’s contract with Red Bull will come to an end. Now just as Verstappen wants to retire that year or even before, he will have to win the title each year till then in order to break Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton’s joint world records for most titles. At present, the Dutchman is 25. And in 2028, he will be 30. Therefore, he got six years and six chances to win six more titles. But it can only happen if Max Verstappen wins the world title every year for six years. Perhaps this is what the Dutch driver is planning, or he has no desire to break the Schumacher-Hamilton record.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen, Red Bull Driver

Max Verstappen Wantss To Chose A Quality Life Over Titles

Meanwhile, speaking with Sports Illustrated, the current world champion admitted, ” I am very fortunate to drive a Formula One car. I have the right to do whatever I want to, But at some point, it does not matter.” In the interview, he also revealed that he got many other plans beyond F1 tracks. “It is all about a quality life,” he said. The two-time world champion have a lot of other options to consider in life besides motorsports.

However, when asked about why he wants to quit so early, Max explained, “I do not want to spend my best years of life physically just in one sport.” The Red Bull driver also pointed out the increasing number of races each year from 23 to 24 as why he wants to retire soon. Max Verstappen may become one of the youngest drivers to retire from Formula One. He may not become another Hamilton due to early retirement, but he can become Nico Rosberg, who departed at a young age too.

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Fernando Alonso

On the other hand, there is Fernando Alonso, who recently signed a two years contract with Aston Martin at the age of 41. He is in no mood to quit, and now that his ace is back and he got back to the podiums, it is not that difficult for the already two-time world champion to become another one. But a retirement plan for the Spaniard in getting prepared. His girlfriend, Andrea Schalger, who is a Formula One journalist, discussed his retirement. She revealed that Alonso’s present contract with Aston Martin is his last. After this, he will retire from Formula One.