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Uzma Fatima

Max Verstappen Chooses George Russell Over Lewis Hamilton For Upcoming F1 Battle!

Do you think the 24-year-old Mercedes driver George Russell is a potential world champion based on his four years of Formula One performance? You may say yes or no, but looking at what Russell has achieved so far, Max Verstappen could not resist praising his fellow Mercedes rival. He praises the Briton for his spectacular skills that may let him “jump straight into the championship battle.” It is really thrilling for Russell’s fans to know what the reigning world champion thinks about him. 

Before diving deep into the thoughts of Max Verstappen on George Russell, let’s learn a little history about the little Briton Mercedes champion who saved his team from drowning last year by winning the season’s first and only race.



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George Russell’s third podium at Belgian Grand Prix 2021

Russell is a GP3 winner. He also won several domestic karting championships. In 2018 Russell won the Formula 2 championship. He became the third driver to win both campaigns of the 2017 GP3 season. After a successful career in the junior section, Russell finally stepped into Formula One in 2019 with Williams. And no doubt it was he who brought Willimas back on the podium just within two seasons in the Belgian Grand Prix of 2021. Last year was his first year in the dream team Mercedes.

Though 2022 was the “worst” season for them, George Russell managed to make his first win in the W13; he defeated the seven-time world champion by 34 points in the driver’s standings. Now, tell us, what more does it take to believe that Russell is a future world champion? He definitely has the potential. He has everything. 

“George Russell Is A Good Lad” Max Verstappen Sees Him As A Future World Champion

Max Verstappen is fully convinced that he will face George Russell as a big rival in the future. He explains the ex-Williams driver as a part of his generation which includes Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. The two-time world champion has raced against George Russell in the karting also, despite being a year older than him. Praising him directly, Verstappen said, “straight away, George Russell was good [ in his karting days]. 

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Max Verstappen and George Russell

Max Verstappen does not think that Russell even needs a lot of laps to be quick. He sees him jumping “straight in and battle at the front,” he said the same to Daily Mail. In the interview, Max Verstappen threw heaps of praises for George Russell when he was asked to reflect on his thoughts on the young Mercedes driver.

Further, Verstappen said, “George Russell has the potential to be a world champion.” This is such a bold claim! And this coming from none other than Max makes it even more beautiful. Although Max has not spent too much time together with Russell, still whatever time he spends with him, he figures out that “he is a good lad.” 

And after these appreciations, Max Verstappen gives a very beautiful statement. He remembered that George had just moved to Monaco. And so now, he is ready to see more of him. Both the drivers are actually a rival, but the thoughts they keep for each other describes them as more of a well-wisher. Let the rivalry stay on track, and wish for a good relationship between Max Verstappen and George Russell.