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A Look At Lewis Hamilton’s Diet & Work-Out Regimen! Getting Into The Right Shape Before The 2023 Season Kicks Off In Bahrain

Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of making history at the age of 38. If he manages to overcome the obstacle of the Dutchman and wins the eighth title, he will make history. With the eighth title, Lewis will become the ultimate Formula One Champion as he will surpass the great Michael Schumacher. Along with Schumacher, Hamilton is the joint seven-time winner of the world driver’s championship title. He could have made history back in 2021 itself if it was not for Max Verstappen, who took the chance away from him. For two consecutive seasons, the Dutchman is ruling the F1 grid that was once the kingdom of the Silver Arrows.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes lost their grip on the title last season due to the poorly made W13 cars. The team had the worst season they could think of, somehow winning a single race via George Russell in Brazil. However, the great Lewis Hamilton fell to 6th place on the table last season. Lewis Hamilton, 38, has got a lot to prove to himself, his fans, and all the doubters that he can still do it. He is the one true GOAT of Formula One.


After the unveiling of the W14 car, the team is raising the hopes of fans and everybody involved with the Mercedes team. On Feb 15, 2023, at the car launch event, Lewis Hamilton sounded very optimistic about the quality of the car. Since the car was the problem last season, Mercedes is supposed to get back into the position of a title contender with a good car like this one.

A Look At Lewis Hamilton Intense Workout Routine

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton mentioned he is incredibly excited about the black livery of the W14 car; that kind of gives the vibe “that we mean business.” Seeing the enthusiasm of the team, Lewis Hamilton is also going full throttle in the process of getting into shape for the upcoming season. According to sources, Lewis Hamilton trains for six hours every day intensely. He is cautious about what he eats and how he trains. Hamilton said the diet is based on healthy plant products. He also said, “I like to lift weights but not too much as it will increase the car’s weight while driving on the track. And the weight is vital for every vehicle and driver.”

According to Lewis Hamilton, “the most important thing to take care of for an F1 driver is their core. It is because ultimately the driver’s body will endure all kinds of forces while racing.” Besides what to eat and how to lift, Hamilton focuses on running a lot. The seven-time champ likes to post a lot of his training and running clips on social media as well. Hamilton loves to train with his dog Roscoe.

The trainer of Lewis Hamilton, Angela Cullen, is always there with him when he needs motivation. Besides Running, the seven-time champ also loves to take part in action sports. He likes surfing when he is back in his Monaco home. Lewis Hamilton’s surfing clips are also available on his social media handles. Recently, the 38-year-old posted a picture. He was seen training with his young teammate, George Russell, before the Australian Grand Prix.