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Mercedes Bringing Game-Changing Upgrades! “Making Big Steps,” Said Boss Toto Wolff

The 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabian GP are over. Two races are enough to know that car like W14 is not worth winning a championship. Now, the only thing that can save Mercedes from drowning is the CHANGES that come from UPGRADES, for which the team is all prepared. In the two initial races of the 2023 season, Mercedes scored P5-P7 and P4-P5. (for no reason, Lewis Hamilton could not move from the first position).

Undoubtedly, Lewis Hamilton wanted to win; he was dreaming of becoming an eight-time world champion. Mercedes was supposed to have a comeback, right? But where is that all? Everything is just chaotic and broken under the Brackley factory. So, how can things get fixed? This is how the boss, Toto Woff explains it. According to Wolff, the two initial races may have gone the worst for Mercedes. But the third will not go like that. Before the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes is aiming for a “changing things” up in the black livery W14 car.

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Even if it takes to swallow the pride and look similar to Red Bull or Aston Martin or a double-decker bus, Mercedes will proceed further with it, only if it makes them fast. During the Jeddah weekend, Toto Wolff made the above things clear that the team won’t mind looking similar to Red Bull, or let’s say, following Red Bull’s concept if that only can give them the pace for the win.

Mercedes Boss Forgets How to Sound Optimistic, But Still A Hope Is There After These Upgrades

Speaking to the media, CEO Toto Wolff said, “Mercedes is just storming full steam ahead and changing things.” But how? this is the question. So, he explained that the team is making big steps at a time, focusing on the R&D. The Wind Tunnel might as well undergo reconsideration. Wolff marks these as big steps because, in Bahrain, they got the confirmation about what particular area needed a change.

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And with the past ten days’ work that has been going on in the Mercedes factory after realizing that the W14 is lacking downforce. But Toto Wolff is quite sure that they will be able to respond soon. “If we continue taking big steps, which have been taken already in the last ten days. Then Mercedes will come to that stage of responding [to others’ challenges],” says Wolff.

Further, the Mercedes principal revealed that the R&D and aerodynamics parts of the cars would have some gains which “will be much bigger” than the Silver Arrows have had for a very long time. And talking of what stage Mercedes’s progress is at, Wolff suggested that the team has successfully unlocked some potential. This is because now the team has got a different perspective to look at things, as they learned a lot in Bahrain.

Mercedes W14

However, Wolff remained pale when sounding optimistic about the team’s future, as it will be nothing but a foolish thing. After all, no optimism for Mercedes has gone correct in reality, so why expect anything? But after putting the car upside down, some of the concepts have been found, which may lead the German squad in the right direction, and that’s how you can still have a little hope for Mercedes winning.