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Red Bull Facing SEVERE Reliability Issues! As A Result, Max Verstappen Got Stuck Behind Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen secured second position on the podium finishing the Jeddah Corniche Circuit on Sunday. In comparison, his teammate Sergio Perez who started from the pole remained the winner. Clearly, Max is not satisfied with the result. He started the race back from P15 and battled all his rivals to reach the front just near the winning line. But he missed, as Perez was already declared the winner of the 2023 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

Starting the 2023 season victoriously, Max Verstappen made himself a worthy contender as this year’s champion’s face. But the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix reminded the fans that there is Sergio Perez too, who can win the 2023 championship. With the same Red Bull RB19 car, both the drivers succeeded in claiming the one-two win in both races held so far, becoming two title contenders of the year.

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Max Verstappen After The Quali of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

However, the main reason why Max Verstappen was deprived of the victory at Jeddah is the driveshaft failure that occurred in the qualifying. Neither would it have happened, nor would Max have gotten a fifteenth position. Although, the stunning pace that only RB19 has helped the two-time world champion to secure point benefits from completing the fastest lap.

It was great what Verstappen did in Saudi Arabia GP. He just gave Red Bull a 1-2 win. Plus, the fact that he jumped from 15 to second place boosted its value even more. But, no, Max Verstappen himself is by no means happy with the outcome; he sensed reliability issues in the car. The Dutchman also raised his concerns that “as a team, Red Bull needs to do better. These issues are not something that we can have.”

There Are A Lot Of Reliability Concerns In Red Bull, Max Verstappen is Somehow Worried.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen At Jeddah CREDIT: STR/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Later the Dutchman explained that without the reliability problems that appeared on Sunday, he would have easily won the Dausi Arabia GP. Things would have been different, indeed. In the end, Max pushed the car harder and limited the problem, but this was the time when he should have won there. The driveshaft issues hampered during the race at the corners is a matter of concern for Verstappen. This can even stop him from winning a Grand Prix.

The reliability issues of Red Bull must have been a bigger problem. But the pace of the car managed it with its advantages. According to Max, these issues are something that made him realize that RB19 is not even worth finishing the Sakhir circuit. But, since things went all good, it remained hidden.
“We were in a lucky position,” said Max Verstappen for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Despite the fact that Red Bull is the best team on the grid this year, too, Max Verstappen claimed, “There are a lot of reliability problems“. Fortunately, these are not bigger enough to not let them win. But it certainly does not mean that in each race, they will have luck in their favor. Some day the reliability concerns will appear again. And to let it not happen, “Red Bull needs to keep working,” said Max Verstappen.