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Lakers Likely To Trade Anthony Davis If They Don’t Make The Playoffs This Year!

Anthony Davis has been an integral part of the Lakers ever since the 2020 NBA Championship. Both Davis and LeBron James were instrumental enough to help the LA franchise to win their 17th title. But since the following seasons, the Lakers have gone through a lot of turmoil. Players were not fit enough, and the roster did not have the right mix. Since the last December, AD has missed several games owing to an injury.

Clearly, LeBron James was carrying the team on his shoulder until the front office fixed the balance issue in the roster, and Anthony Davis returned. But then the unthinkable thing happened. LeBron injured a tendon in his right foot in a game against the Mavericks. The King has been out for several weeks since then, and chances of returning this month are slim. However, this is raising a huge question among the Lakers’ fans. Will the Purple & Gold be able to clear the playoffs this year? If not, what will happen then?


Kevin Garnett Thinks Lakers Will Trade Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Credit: Reddit

It is safe to say that Anthony Davis has kept the momentum going in his absence. He has done pretty well, actually. The Lakers had moved up to the 9th seed once. Albeit, now they are back in the 11th position. Only three weeks remain, and after coming so close, if the LA side doesn’t make the playoffs or even the play-in, the front office will have to take some tough calls. The Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett thinks the Lakers will get rid of Anthony Davis if they don’t make the postseason this time, either.

The previous season the Lakers did not have LeBron James for a long time, and AD carried the team as far as he could. But the team did not make the postseason. If the same thing repeats, the Lakers will have to look at the future in a different way. They may have to get rid of the star but injury-prone kind players, like Anthony Davis and even LeBron James. The Lakers might think something is not working with Davis and James if they miss back-to-back playoffs.

Why AD’s Trade Is Necessary For The Lakers?

Anthony Davis
Maxi Kleber, Mavericks (left), and Anthony Davis, Lakers (right)LAPRESSE

The 15-time All-Star Kevin Garnett discussed AD’s future wearing the purple and gold jersey after the Lakers defeated the Magic. The star of the match was Austin Reaves, who scored his career-high 35 points. However, Anthony Davis was not at his personal best against the Magic. Albeit, he contributed to the game with scoring, assists, rebounds, and steals. The defensive prowess of AD did not let the Magic come back to the game. But his performances against the Mavericks and the Pelicans had raised the hopes of the fans. However, last game, he could only score 15 points which is a complete contrast to his 26 points against the Mavericks and 35 against the Pelicans.

That’s why Garnett feels if Anthony Davis cannot have a significant impact in the rest of the games and even help the Lakers to get to the top ten, then Rob Pelinka and the Lakers must trade him. If the Lakers do trade Davis, then the offseason might be the ideal time to do so. As Anthony Davis and the Lakers are supposed to extend their contract. But the LA side is not famous for giving up on assets all of a sudden. At present, the Lakers will focus on beating the well-placed Phoenix Suns in their next game on Wednesday.