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Reports: Lakers Might Compromise LeBron James’ Health In A Bid To Ensure His Early Return

LeBron James apparently might have to compromise on his full fitness to help Los Angeles Lakers with the playoff push.

Los Angeles Lakers have entered the final stages of the league game and are yet to book a seat into the playoffs. The 2020 champions are struggling to enter the top 8 of the Western Conference for the second time in a row. Moreover, the incessant injuries remain the major contributor to the team’s fall. On top of that, the leading point scorer of the NBA and the Lakers, LeBron James, continues to miss game time due to a foot injury.


LeBron is the crucial piece of the LA Lakers’ playoff puzzle. The 38-year-old has lifted the weight of the team for quite a while as their lead striker. However, this season, the age factor is taking a toll on the veteran who struggled through nagging injuries all season long. Now, with less than four weeks to the regular season, the forward is looking out to make a quick comeback. However, LeBron might have to pay a heavy price in that pursuit.

NBA Reporter Believes The Lakers May Rush LeBron James’ Comeback To Fulfill The Playoff Dream

LeBron James
LeBron James Sent Out A Tweet After The Lakers Beat The Thunder © Provided by FastBreak on FanNation

The Los Angeles Lakers have been dealing with a number of injuries this season, with one of the biggest concerns being the health of their star player, LeBron James. While James remains sidelined with a right foot tendon injury for several weeks, a recent report from Chris Haynes has suggested that James may not be fully healthy when he eventually returns. According to Chris, LeBron has to return at some point in order to help the Lakers in their playoff pursuit.

However, he fears that the Lakers might rush his recovery and ask him to return with incomplete match fitness. Furthermore, the reporter feels the chances of a fully healthy LeBron returning at the last stage of the tournament look unrealistic at the moment. On the other hand, the 38-year-old, on a personal level, has been taking a cautious approach to his rehab and recovery and has been focusing on getting back to full strength. However, even with this careful approach, concerns remain that James may still not come fully healed by the time he returns to the Lakers lineup.

LeBron Makes A Quick Trip To Germany For Treatment

LeBron James
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Meanwhile, LeBron James is doing everything in his power to regain full match fitness as soon as possible. If rumors are to believe, the veteran apparently went to Germany to undergo PRP Plasma treatment to cure his latest foot injury. The treatment became mainstream after late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant sorted the treatment back in 2013 to treat his injured knee.

Furthermore, the treatment is supposed to speed up the recovery process through the infusion of extra plasma cells. However, it remains to be seen if LeBron James is actually responding well to the treatment. Meanwhile, the Lakers are right back on track after winning the last matchup against the Magic. Further, they have a relatively easier set of games lined up for the final stretch. Hence, the team can make the most of it and fulfill the playoff dream.