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Anthony Davis Likely To Play April’s Games Back-To-Back For The Lakers Despite Suffering With Constant Injury-Related Pain

The Lakers franchise has been through a lot this current season. The team was stuffed with issues related to injuries and not having the right mix on the roster. They were lingering at the bottom of the Western Conference for several weeks. Anthony Davis has been leading the Lakers ever since LeBron James is out with a tendon injury on his right foot.

He himself missed as many as twenty games this season due to an injury he sustained back last December. But after he returned to the frontcourt, the Laker’s lineup looked complete. However, after the King was gone, the onus fell on Anthony Davis to carry the team forward and keep the hopes alive for the postseason. That is why AD was not able to get a break from the games, and that was taking a huge toll on his body.


Anthony Davis Might Play The Back To Back Games In April

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers

Only ten games remaining, with three weeks to go before the regular season ends. It is high time for Anthony Davis and co to get their best form ready. Looking at the delicate situation at present, the Lakers can allow AD to play back-to-back games against the Clippers and the Jazz. According to the NBA reporter Chris Haynes, Anthony Davis has the right to pick the back-to-back games he wants to play. He might have said no to the Rockets but yes to the April 4 and 5 matches. If the Brow stays fit, then there is no reason why he can’t play all the remaining games.

The Western Conference in the current season is getting into an exciting stage with every game. Every team has got a chance to make the postseason except the Rockets and the Spurs. Hence, for the Lakers, it is not over till it is over kind of a situation. No more mistakes. Only getting things right should be the focus for the LA side. It is a matter of time before LeBron James joins the party and gets the team home. If the Lakers can’t make the playoffs after the regular season, they must make the play-in without James.


Lakers Need AD To Play All The Games Now More Than Ever

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Photograph by Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty

But Darvin Ham, head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, mentioned that they are not willing to put a lot of stress on AD’s feet. His injury is still active and can cause repercussions if put under a little too much pressure. Hence, they won’t allow him to play in either of the back-to-back games. Albeit, the eight-time All-Star mentioned that he is currently playing pain-free.

Therefore, there was a big controversy on why Anthony Davis sat out in the game against the lowest-ranking Houston Rockets. The match ended on a sad note for the Lakers. It was previously considered an easy game, but the LA side wasted that opportunity and attracted a lot of criticism their way. With James unavailable, the Lakers need Anthony Davis to take the team all the way to the postseason. If they can reach the play-in, then good, but if they get to the playoffs, even better. At one point, the LA franchise was the 9th seed, but now they have fallen back to the 11th place.