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Mercedes Gets Its Hands On Crucial Structural Design Inputs Of Red Bull’s RB19 During Monaco GP

Red Bull currently remains the undisputed champion of the sport of Formula One. They have built one of the fastest cars the sport has ever witnessed and broke the prolonged dominance of Mercedes. The Austrian team has won two consecutive seasons and is also poised to win the ongoing one with no substantial competition from any of the rivals at the back.

With a winning record of 100%, the drink-based team now leads the constructor’s championship. Red Bull won their sixth race of the season at the recently concluded Monaco Grand Prix. Dutch driver Max Verstappen came out on top to win the race as his teammate, Sergio Perez, was pushed way back on the grid owing to a horrible qualifying session. Checo crashed during the qualifying session, which indirectly helped Mercedes steal some crucial data.


Mercedes Claims They Have Crucial Pictures Of RB19’s Floor Design

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The qualifying session of the recently concluded Monaco Grand Prix was no less than a thriller climax. Until the final 10 seconds of the Q3, as many as three drivers held the provisional pole, including Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin and Esteban Ocon of Alpine. However, Max Verstappen of Red Bull recorded a flying last lap to clinch the pole position for the main race. While Verstappen was having the time of his life, his teammate continued to struggle. He crashed on the wall, and a crane had to be summoned to lift the car away from the track. However, the manner in which the crane operated raised a lot of questions.

The crane lifted Checo’s car and hung it in the air for about a good few minutes before delivering it to the Red Bull garage. That apparently left the RB19’s precious floor exposed to the world. Meanwhile, the rivals, Mercedes, pounced upon the opportunity and allegedly placed their own photographers on the crash site. Silver Arrows technical director James Allison made a startling confession and said they placed their personal cameraman at crash-prone sites. Hence, when Red Bull’s car hung in the air, they got hold of high-resolution pictures of the car’s floor. Moreover, Mercedes also plans on putting those pictures to use by investigating them and extracting as much information as they can. This means that the British team has a good opportunity to replicate Red Bull’s floor, which has been giving them a ridiculous amount of pace this season.

Red Bull Advisor Warns Silver Arrows, Says Floor Not Enough To Replicate RB19

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Red Bull Racing faced a major embarrassment last weekend in Monaco. Their car’s most prized element, the floor, stayed exposed. Moreover, Mercedes claimed that they had clicked high-resolution pictures of the same and would use them to recreate the RB19 design. However, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has issued a warning to the Silver Arrows. Firstly, Marko expressed his displeasure with the crane operation, which left the team’s car exposed.

However, he claimed that while the floor remains an important part of the car’s design, it’s not the only thing that makes the RB19 a flying beast on the track. Marko says even if you have the same floor as RB19, you cannot possibly succeed if you do not have other supporting components. Thus, the Red Bull boss brushed off Mercedes’ threat and asked them to focus on their own design.