Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Formula One is one of the race sports that give established players another chance to prove themselves. Over the year, F1 has seen players returning for more as they just could not get enough out of the sport in their first spree. The perfect example of such a return is Fernando Alonso, who simply does not seem to age. The 41-year-old found himself to be out of the racing business in 2018. But in two years, he realized that he had more racing left in him to compete on the world stage.

Sebastian Vettel is another player with a great stint in Formula One during his younger days. He even won four titles consecutively with his former team Red Bull. It was those days when Red Bull used to dominate the world stage. But Mercedes soon took over the domination from Vettal’s team and continued to win for seven years. And Sebastian took a seat in the Ferrari to find an end to Mercedes’s domination. And then, he went to Aston Martin in 2021 to find a new challenge in his racing life. But then he decided to retire from the sport to focus on other virtues of his life.


Sebastian Vettel To Mark His Comeback In Formula One

Sebastian Vettel and Marko. Credit - Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Over many years in Formula, One, the racers have been observed to go off the grid but return back. This is a usual sighting in the racing business as FIA allows retired players to come back after a two-year gap from the sport. And similarly, Kravitz believes that Vettel, who gave up the sport as one of the legends to ever race in F1, will make a return. However, there is no official air to the conversation as of now. Sebastian retired from racing at the end of the 2022 season while racing for Aston Martin.

The German driver is often recognized as one of the players with the most integrity among all the drivers. Therefore, Ted Kravitz believes that “We may well see a surprise comeback of Sebastian Vettel this year, but it won’t be as a driver.” If not as a racer, then how will he reincarnate his racing career? Kravitz claims that instead of crossing the race line, he will have a more supporting role.

Red Bull Is Ready To Welcome Vettel

Helmut Marko brought Vettel to F1 / Getty Images Formula One

The 35-year-old is a veteran in the world of Formula One racing. There is a lot that any team can benefit from having Seb onboard to their team. So according to Kravitz, Sebastian could replace Marko at Red Bull as a motorsports advisor.

As of now, the four-time champion enjoys his time with his family, but he can be back at any moment. And Kravitz believes that it can shock the F1 fans as they thought that he has already bid farewell to the sport.