Max Verstappen is currently the most talented racing driver in the world. The Dutchman won his first championship title last year and is set to lift his second title at the end of the 2022 championship. Max already has 80 points in the championship over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc with nine races to go. The Red Bull driver had to retire in two of the first three races of races, allowing Ferrari to get ahead. However, the consistency that Verstappen has shown by winning eight of the first 13 races has been surreal. The Dutchman has been simply magnificent in terms of his skills and has seemed much calmer than he was in his championship battle with Lewis Hamilton last year. He seems a more composed athlete whose sole focus is to keep winning. 

Recently, the reigning world champ talked about the things that separate a great F1 driver from good drivers. Max Verstappen reckoned that a driver could really make a difference only in tricky conditions or during close fights with rival teams. The 24-year-old acknowledged that there were so many good drivers in the world, even outside Formula One. These drivers may not have been lucky enough to be a part of F1 and might be involved in some kind of endurance races. However, there was a thin line between good and very good drivers in F1. He added, “It is in these decisive moments- if it’s a rain race or in general very difficult conditions, or in a very important qualifying session, to be up there.” 

Charles Leclerc & Max Verstappen
Leclerc & Verstappen

Max Verstappen More Composed Than Leclerc After Winning His First F1 Title In 2021

As per Verstappen, the extra effort made the real difference and helped a driver get more points than his teammate. The Dutchman crashed during the qualifying of the Saudi Arabian GP last year during a critical stage in the championship. However, Max kept his calm and went on to win the race, equalizing the points with Lewis Hamilton and entering the final race of the season. Similarly, Verstappen came back from a series of disappointing results early and has shown great consistency to lead the championship by a big margin.

Charles Leclerc Ferrari

Meanwhile, Leclerc and Ferrari have made a lot more mistakes than their championship rivals. The Monegasque lost seven points in Imola after a late spin. Moreover, he crashed during the French GP while in the lead, costing him 25 points and a potential victory. Thus, Ferrari and Leclerc would have to bring in some consistency if they have any chances of stopping Verstappen from winning his second drivers’ championship in a row.