Max Verstappen has put on an impeccable display of performance for the Red Bull team in the ongoing Formula One 2022. This is the reason that even though as many as seven races are still left, Verstappen becoming F1 World Champion in 2022 is almost a certainty. Max is leading the points table by a far margin. However, the driver, pretty much like in his races, looks in no mood to slow down. If anything, Verstappen is ‘stressed’ about F1 2022.

Max Verstappen Is Still Stressed About The F1 Season!

Despite having a sizable lead in the standings, Max Verstappen hasn’t had a smooth F1 season. He recently anticipated that the Italian Grand Prix would be just as entertaining as the previous racing weekends. Verstappen has had a very successful year in 2022, as evident by his 109-point championship lead and ten victories. However, nothing is as it seems. Although there is a significant disparity in the championship, this wasn’t true in every event. This season’s races have all been thrilling, in his opinion.

Max Verstappen

Even though he has dominated the current F1 season and established an unconquerable lead in the championship battle, Max Verstappen has admitted he still feels anxious at the start of every Grand Prix weekend. Verstappen has arrived in Monza for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, intending to win his fifth consecutive race. Now, Max winning his second championship title is a matter of when not if. However, Verstappen said there is always tension when asked whether he was no longer stressed given his good circumstances. There is, however, always good tension.

During a press conference at Italian GP, Max Verstappen stated, ”Except for one or two races, it was always exciting. It was always a question of whether I would win or not.” He further added, “In that respect, I experienced the races in the same way as last year. Only then we competed with a different team”, 

Max Verstappen is not less tense despite taking the lead. Continuing to observe events from race to race, he will now pay close attention to the Monza race first. For the first time, he is hoping to triumph there in front of the Tifosi, who will be supporting his Ferrari competitors. Verstappen was forced to rely on wiser tactical decisions to pass Charles Leclerc in the first eight races of the season since Red Bull had a slower car overall than Ferrari at the start of the season. Verstappen feels his team has improved performance, even though he still only has four pole positions.

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