Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has been one of the most successful drivers in F1 during the 2022 championship. The reigning world champ had won every race he had finished in the season before a third-place finish in Monaco. Moreover, the 24-year-old leads the drivers\’ rankings with a nine-point lead over Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc.

The Dutchman is currently in a long-term contract with Red Bull until 2028 in a reported £40m-a-year deal. However, recently, Max hinted that he might not want to race in the F1 after his contract with Red Bull ends. The Red Bull driver has already made it clear that he wants to stay with Red Bull for the course of his F1 career. Verstappen entered F1 in 2015 for Red Bull\’s sister team Toro Rosso, becoming the youngest driver to ever race in a Grand Prix at the age of 17. He joined the Red Bull in 2016 and will most likely stay with the team until he turns 31 in 2028.


Verstappen Talks About His Future After F1

Talking about his future plans, Verstappen said that he was unsure about his next move after leaving the motorsport. The reigning world champ clarified that he had no plans of changing teams. He is happy at Red Bull, and the team is happy with him. However, Max has not yet made up his mind about what he will do after 2028. Suggesting retirement as an option, the Dutchman said, \”I might stop.\”

Verstappen further added that he had been a part of F1 since he was 17-year-old. The 24-year-old has been in the sports for a long-time and has done many seasons in F1. Meanwhile, Max feels that he might want different stuff when he reaches 31. He was unsure if he would have reached his peak or have a dip in his performance by then. But, Verstappen pointed out that he would be interested in other kinds of races, including endurance races. In addition, the Red Bull driver said, \”Maybe I will have had enough of traveling at the time. Maybe i will want an easier life and just to do the races I like.\”

Red Bull Rb-18

However, Verstappen clarified that if a championship-winning opportunity comes by then, he would not just throw it away. The Dutchman pointed out that if he got on opportunity to fight for the championship in 2028, it would be stupid of him to stop. Thus, it would be difficult to predict how this future turns out to be in 2028.

Verstappen won his first F1 title last year after a controversial final race during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Dutchman was competing with Mercedes\’ Lewis Hamilton. And the rivalry seemed to have been heated up on several occasions in the 2021 season. However, Verstappen admitted that both drivers have moved on from what had happened last season. Max said that as a driver, you do forget if not forgive. The Dutchman thinks that what happened in the past needs to be forgotten so that a driver can focus on what is ahead. In addition, the Red Bull driver told, \”We haven\’t really talked about last year. It\’s in the past.\”

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