George Russell and Max Verstappen

Uzma Fatima

Max Verstappen Ready To Counterattack “Princess” George Russell! Holding Major Grudge For Recent Clash

If you overviewed the 2023 Azerbaijan GP, then you might also know about Max Verstappen and George Russell, who clashed on Saturday’s Sprint. Apparently, Russell’s attempts to overtake Max were really frustrating to him, looking at his aftermath reaction. Max did not just call George a derogatory word. He also tagged him as “Princess George” in order to release the wrath he held for the Mercedes driver! Although the race ended, this new interesting rivalry took birth in Baku. Now Russell is left with a weak W14 Mercedes car and Vertappen’s threat, as the latter warned him to “Expect The Same” in the upcoming races.

The first sprint of the season ended well for Ferrari’s superstar Charles Leclerc and Red Bull’s new star Sergio Perez who got the lead on Sunday too. Meanwhile, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix remained one of the most exciting plots of the 2023 F1 season. It just somehow slapped everyone who forgot about Sergio Perez and predicted this year to be an easy one for Max. And he is gonna make the hat trick championship win! Checo is just 6 points behind the two-time world champion. He can definitely cover it up in future races, don’t you think?

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Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (Via Reuters)

The winner is not certain yet, but we just know that it MAY NOT be Max Verstappen this time. However, other than this one certainty, we got another one: the Mercedes driver George Russell has made Max Verstappen a permanent rival now. Calling George a “D**khead” is not enough. We all are of history. Fans do know that Max is not the one who forgives; he holds grudges and believes in REVENGE! Russell must mind his back.

This Is How Max Verstappen Hold Grudges And Takes Revenge

Meanwhile, it is funny that not only the spectators but the other drivers, including the Maclaren ace, Lando Norris, know George did commit a mistake making Max an enemy. During Sunday’s suggestion event, Norris funnily brought the matter up with his Mercedes counterpart, reminding him to look forward to the consequences. Besides, the Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, who is aware of his beloved driver’s nature, claimed, “Verstappen is an elephant who remembers and banks that for a while.”

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Max Verstappen ((Pool via Reuters: Giuseppe Cacace)

And how can we not agree with what Lando Norris and Horner are suggesting? History itself agrees with it. You do know what happened in Brazil last year. Max refused to follow the team’s order and ditched his teammate for something that had taken place in the past. Checo may or may not have done it on purpose, but the crash he had in Monaco in 2022 helped him win and Max lose. And the revenge was taken well.

Max Verstappen has been criticized a lot of times for being selfish. Call him Selfish or an elephant. He does remember things and forgets them only after making them pay. The grievances Max holds for his own teammate Sergio Perez did not just end in the Brazilian Grand Prix last year after he made him lose the runner-up position. It continued till the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023, where Max again refused to follow the team’s order. He did the fastest lap and consumed the bonus points that were meant for Checo.