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2HXPJDA 03/10/2022, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Formula 1 test drives in Bahrain 2022, in the picture All drivers are on the start-finish line at their vehicles for the new Netflix filming. Max Verstappen (NEL), Oracle Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel (DEU), Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team

When Sebastian Vettel was performing the final Farewell rituals of Formula One, he interacted with the 18 drivers by handshaking. But when Hamilton’s turn came in, both hugged each other. Whenever these two drivers spoke about each other, they either praised or appreciated. Indeed both the champions have a good relationship that no one ever had in Formula One. Lewis Hamilton has already said, “Sebastian Vettel is a good friend of mine. I admire him so him.” However, despite the friendship, Vettel is speculated to drive alongside Max Verstappen instead of Lewis Hamilton in the endurance races.

In almost all motorsport, including Formula One, the drivers aspire to participate in Le Mans-like endurance races. These races comprise huge tracks with new challenges. It is for the ultimate testing of the drivers to check their fitness and grit. Among the Formula One grid, only Fernando Alonso is experienced in Le Mans or others. He has participated in almost all the endurance conducted races. However, this time, Max Verstappen also shared the same interest as Sebastian Vettel. And the pair is most likely to become partners for that.

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Max Verstappen and Sebasian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel Interested In Becoming Max Verstappen’s Teammate In The Endurance Races

Speaking on Servus TV, both Max and Seb shared their views on participating in the endurance races. The four-time world champion revealed his interest in driving with Max Verstappen if “I am not that old yet,” [as said by Vettel himself]. On the other hand, Max Verstappen also said yes to “Le Mans, Daytona, and maybe different races,” in the future.

In addition, Red Bull’s chief advisor, Helmut Marko, revealed that he has already given a book to Max Verstappen. The book includes all the long-distance races taking place since the 1960s with great photos of the great people. Helmut said, “Max Verstappen looked at the book with great interest.” He feels that Verstappen will have fun doing it. Not only the fun part is included in the benefits, but Max will also become successful with his speed and talent as the races will not hold pressure like Formula One.

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Helmut Marko

Fernando Alonso Or Sebastian Vettel, Max Needs To Choose One?

Max Verstappen is interested in taking part in Endurance races, as confirmed by himself and Helmut Marko. And, for Sebastian Vettel, the biggest factor in favor is that he is retired from Formula One. Now he has no pressure of racing in the seasons. On the other hand, Max is only 25, which is almost eight years younger than Fernando, and has spoken in favor of driving together. So Sebastian and Max being teammates in the Le Mans, Daytona, or any other seem possible.

One must know that Max Verstappen has got many lovers for his racing skills which gave him 15 wins in a season. And one of them is Fernando Alonso. He is very much impressed by the Dutchman’s great driving performance this year. And, as the Spaniard is a master of Le Mans and other long-distance races, he can see a rising star in Verstappen.

Max Verstappen , Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso and Max verstappen

Fernando wants to make a two-time F1 champions team together and drive together in Le Mans, which he has won two times. The Spaniard has offered Max Verstappen to drive with him this time. Now, all that we have to do is, see if Sebastian Vettel becomes Max Verstappen’s teammate or if it will be Fernando Alonso. Or the entry of the seven-time world champion turns things differently. Let’s see what happens.

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