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Mark Hughes Reveals The Technical Aspect Of Mercedes’ Decision To Keep The W13 Design Concept For The 2023 Season

Mercedes has been one of the most prominent racers in the Formula 1. In recent years, they have won the title and brought it home consistently for seven years. However, since the table turned for them in 2021, they have not been able to bounce back into the game. The Red Bull team has done a remarkable job of staying ahead of their competition in the last three years. Meanwhile, the problems with Mercedes have kept increasing since they just can not get their car right.

The Miami Grand Prix session unveiled some surprising fact that Mercedes are not even completely aware of their car. Even on the track, there were many surprises as Red Bull driver Sergio Perez managed to secure the pole position but could not win it. Moreover, the Austrian team always had three to four-tenths of an advantage over Mercedes throughout the weekend. Other factors, such as bad surfaces and harsh winds, also created a surprise lineup on race day. Drivers like Pierre Gasly, Carlo Sainz, and Kevin Magnussen were ahead of the Mercedes duo. Many experts believe that the Miami race was the least competitive that the Mercedes has been in Formula One.


Mark Huges Reveals Why Mercedes Chose The Same Bad Concept

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Innovation and Mercedes go hand in hand, as they are not afraid to try new things. But they got things horribly wrong last year with their W13 car, which raised many questions about its design and performance last year. And even after such a stir in the market, they decided to use the same concept again in the W14 in 2023. According to Mark, it was the aerodynamic abilities that grabbed their attention. And making a few adjustments in the gearbox made the car more drivable. This also helped them make anti-porpoising floor regulation tweaks.

Moreover, Mercedes thought that their exposed floor and wide sis bar would help them gain an advantage in the race. But it did not turn out how they wanted it to go. Meanwhile, Red Bull did an incredible job in their suspension configuration, allowing them to stroll ahead of everyone in the race.

The Silver Arrows’ Car Running Way Slow Than Red Bull’s

Mercedes Vs Redbull

Apparently, Mercedes has improved the W14 from the last season. But they lack the improvements needed to put them back in the title-winning race in the competition. The car is lacking in improving its high-speed capabilities as it keeps losing speed on turns. Due to the lack of responsiveness of the cars, the drivers are struggling to keep up in the races. Even Lewis Hamilton said that the car failed to give him feedback that would bring more confidence. And losing confidence is the last thing that Mercedes would want.

If the German manufacturer continuously fails to comprehend their car, it will be a great challenge for the team to make a comeback. The new upgrades should at least put the drivers in place to compete for higher spots. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the top drops further down the table.