Sergio Perez Checo
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez is so close to creating history if he wins the driver’s world championship this year. This year the Formula One drivers are set to race in 23 Grand Prix races. The Red Bull team has won all the first five races up till now. And there is a chance for the Austrian team to win all 23 races. Out of the first five, Max Verstappen won three, and Sergio Perez won a couple.

Last year the Mexican driver won only two races in the entire season. But this time, Checo has a chance to upgrade his performance to secure more wins and make a solid change for title contention. Apparently, many believe that Sergio Perez can spoil the fun of the Dutchman of winning three back-to-back championships. But even Checo mentioned, “Max is the hardest to beat even driving the same car.” Evidently, Red Bull is frequently having the fun of a one-two finish because of their superior car, RB19, this season. And looks like Perez needs to go for it this season, even if he has to go against his team’s orders. He cannot let go of this golden chance.


Sergio Perez Needs To Listen To His Heart More Than His Team’s Orders

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: CNN

Perez can use this once-in-a-million opportunity to break the image of a supporting driver if he beats Max Verstappen to win his maiden driver’s world championship. But there might be some constant pressure on him from the team to make way for Max to let him get on top of the table. However, former F1 driver Johnny Herbert insists Checo should forget about all the team’s orders and just go for the win himself. Herbert feels that if Sergio Perez no longer wants to play the supporting role, then he should “negate Red Bull’s orders.” Apparently, what happened last year is what concerns Johnny Herbert. Red Bull was at the top as the dominant force this year, but the team favored Verstappen more.

Hence, Max won 15 out of 22 races last year, and Perez won only two. But the Mexican driver mentioned after winning the Saudia Arabian Grand Prix that he is looking forward to winning the world championship this season. Even Herbert feels that he has reached a stage in his career when he should take the risk of getting fired to win the title. Johnny Herbert presented the example of Nico Rosberg, who won the 2016 title despite Lewis Hamilton‘s hegemony. Rosberg did not had a great relationship with Toto Wolff, who heavily supported Hamilton. However, the desire to win the title made him go against the team’s policy actually to win the whole thing. That’s something Sergio Perez needs to do.

If Nico Can, Checo Can Too

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

All the drivers who have won F1 world championships in the past possess the same kind of mentality. They wanted the championship more than anything else. Lewis Hamilton had that, and Max Verstappen has it too. Nico Rosberg won the 2016 title on his mantlepiece. Clearly, it is a risk Sergio Perez needs to take to get his name on the champion’s board.

Moreover, it may lead to Checo leaving Red Bull, but at least he would utilize the opportunity of driving the dominant car to its fullest. Although, it seems like Sergio Perez has a better relationship with Christian Horner than what Nico Rosberg had with Toto Wolff. Hence, it might work out really well for Checo in the end. So, he needs to just go for it.